Opposition trio decides to run for Parliament separatelyY

The three parliamentary opposition formations - the Liberal Party, the Liberal Democratic Party and the Moldova Noastra Alliance - have decided to fight for seats in new Parliament of Moldova separately.
INFOTAG, 15 June 2009, 19:33

Chisinau, June 15 ( INFOTAG ). They announced this at a news conference in Infotag today.

LDPM leader Vlad Filat explained that independence should bring more advantages to the Liberal Democrats.

"The chief thing is to make sure there is no swindling at elections, like it happened last April 5. All the three parties have the right to have their representatives in electoral commissions. Besides, we will organize a thorough monitoring of the election campaign, voting proper and the vote count procedure. All the three parties will be in close cooperation with one another, and shall not criticize each other in public or the press in the run-up to the elections", Vlad Filat said.

Liberal Party Chairman Mihai Ghimpu said that before arriving at such decision, the three organizations scrutinized the public opinion. He admitted that, really, there was a trend for joining efforts at a certain period after April 5, "but now we have decided to run separately, bearing in mind that once in parliament, we will form a democratic anti-communist coalition. Besides this, we all are too pressed for time, and will not have days enough to draw up a united list of candidates properly".

Moldova Noastra Alliance leader Serafim Urechean pointed out that if only voting blocs had been permitted in the communist Moldova as before, the three parties concerned would certainly stand for parliament as one mighty bloc.

"Nevertheless, the three parties shall continue joint struggle against the regime imposed on Moldova by President Vladimir Voronin", stated Serafim Urechean.

Last April 5, the three forces won 41 mandates in the 101-member Parliament of Moldova.


Chisinau, June 15 ( INFOTAG ). The Liberal Democratic Party is preparing to start an action against the producers of the film called "Attack on Moldova" that was telecast on the NIT channel on June 7. The film presented the April 6-7 events in Chisinau the way the country's Communist authorities view them.

LDPM parliamentarian, prominent Moldovan lawyer Vitalie Nagacevschi stated to the press the party may well decide to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights because the Moldovan opposition's presumption of innocence had been grossly infringed on.

He explained that in the film, Prosecutor General Valeriu Ghurbulea, Director of the Information and Security Service (ISS) Artur Reshetnikov and President Vladimir Voronin threw very hard accusations to the opposition without bothering to provide whatever proofs.

"The Government of Moldova has lost so many cases in the ECHR, which showed that by making such unfounded statements our Prosecutor General violated presumption of innocence. We cannot say yet if the European Court starts one more such litigation against Moldova, but if yes the case will involve not only Prosecutor General Valeriu Ghurbulea but also the ISS leadership and even the president of the republic", the lawyer said.

LDPM First Deputy Chairman, lawyer Alexandru Tanase said the film "Attack on Moldova" is strongly biased, is a manipulation film that shows no respect for either journalist ethics or the legislation in force".

He voiced indignation that many essential moments of the April events were not reflected in the film, for instance the presence of the police on site during the hoisting of the European Union and Romanian flags over the Parliament Building and the presidential palace; the statement by First Deputy Chairman of Parliament Vladimir Turcan that he had discussed the flag hoisting prior to that procedure; the statements by Communist leaders that they had been in indirect relations with the construction companies that had won the contest for the right to repair the said two buildings.

"In normal conditions, the Communists should have asked the opposition's opinion before putting forward such grave accusations against the opposition", he said.

LDPM leader Vlad Filat stated the film shall remain forever on the conscience of those who ordered and who made the picture, "and who will be necessarily punished sooner or later".

"All the accusations against us are based on nothing. If you can remember, shortly before the April 5 elections, three criminal actions were started against me. And where are these cases now? Why is nobody mentioning them? The same fate is awaiting the new accusations in this film", said Vlad Filat.