Valeriu Boboc`s body to be examined by experts

The body of Valeriu Boboc, who died during the actions of protest in Chisinau on April 7, was exhumed at the cemetery of Bubueci, a Chisinau suburban community, on Monday.
INFOTAG, 15 June 2009, 19:35

Chisinau, June 15 ( INFOTAG ). The exhumation lasted nearly 2 hours, and was held in the presence of the Boboc family's two lawyers, the prosecutor conducting the Boboc case, and an expert from Great Britain.

The coffin has been delivered to a Chisinau morgue, where the body will be subjected to a thorough forensic examination to establish the true reason of the young man's death. The British expert will play a key role in the work.

Valeriu Boboc, 23, died tragically during the memorable post-election riots in Chisinau. The official investigation maintains he died of inhaling a gas of an unknown origin. The Boboc family and the lawyers do not believe in this. They have strong reasons to claim the young man was simply beaten to death while in custody, as could be seen from the vast bruises and bleeding traces they saw on the body.