CEC regects Liberal's evidence of allleged election fixing

The Moldovan Central Election Commission has dismissed the Liberal Party's accusations and what it recently presented as a 'documentary evidence' of the April 5 election results rigging.
INFOTAG, 19 June 2009, 15:59

Chisinau, June 19 ( INFOTAG ). CEC Secretary Iurie Ciocan stated at the Wednesday's working meeting that the information presented this week at a news conference by Liberal Party Chairman Mihai Ghimpu - that quite many citizens allegedly toured several polling stations and voted several times with same domestic passports - turned out to be not true.

"We have checked all the indicated names, and found out that all passports were different, addresses were different, and the document serial numbers differed from those named during Mr. Ghimpu's news conference", stated Ciocan.

He stressed that all such accusations by Ghimpu - particularly that falsifications were made with the assistance of electoral commissions' workers - are hurting the workers' dignity and tarnish the Central Election Commission's public image.

On June 16, the Liberals presented the findings of their examination of voter lists at about 100 of Chisinau's three hundred polling stations. In their words, they revealed two thousand instances when a citizen voted at several stations by using one and the same passport.


Chisinau, June 19 ( INFOTAG ). The leaders of three main opposition forces - the Liberal Party, the Liberal Democratic Party and the Moldova Noastra Alliance - have refused to sign the Code of Behaviour between contenders for the Moldovan Parliament for the July 29 election campaign.

All the three leaders stated they would not sign a document initiated by the ruling Communist Party and its closest political ally - the Christian Democratic Popular Party, and readily welcomed and advertised by the mass media servicing to the authorities.

Admitting that, theoretically, the Code might well be conceived as a noble initiative, Moldova Noastra Alliance leader Serafim Urechean wondered, "Who is there to sign the Code with? Should we really sign the behaviour agreement with those who spit on European structures' recommendations and who trample on the European Parliament's Resolution? No, we should not, and we shall not!"

LDPM leader Vlad Filat also wondered, "What was the result of signing an analogous Code of behaviour before the April 5 elections? What was the result of submitted written protests against electoral legislation violations registered by many mass media? The result was zero! Where were the Audiovisual Coordinating Council representatives, whose duty is to verify and handle and punish for violations committed by parties that had signed the document?"

Filat stated the Liberal Democrats shall behave in a civilized, European manner even without signing the Code.

And Liberal Party leader Mihai Ghimpu stated that in the run-up to the April 5 parliamentary elections, no measures were taken whatever against those mass media that overtly lied to people and manipulated with facts and figures.

Communist Party's spokesperson in the CEC Maria Boico offered her own explanation why the said three liberal organizations are refusing to sign the Code - "because they failed to win on April 5".

Central Electoral Commission Chairman Eugen Stirbu stated the CEC shall be following contenders' behaviour throughout the election campaign no matter they have acceded to the Code or not.

So far, only the Communist Party and the Christian Democratic Popular Party have put their signatures under the document, as well as their reliable helpers - the Moldova-1 public television channel and the antenna-C radio station.