Andrei Stratan: "I am under no obligation to any political formation..."

"I am under no obligation to any political formation", Moldovan Deputy Premier, Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration Andrei Stratan stated in an interview with the Timpul [Time] newspaper of Chisinau published today.
INFOTAG, 19 June 2009, 16:06

Chisinau, June 19 ( INFOTAG ). Stratan remarked, however, that he has fairly specific relations with President Vladimir Voronin.

"During last 8 years, we worked together quite intensively and fruitfully, opening new possibilities for Moldova. Yet I cannot be together with the Communists, I mean I am not supposed to obey to decisions of their congresses. I am not a Communist Party member, and Voronin to me is only president of the country, so I shall continue fulfilling his instructions", Stratan said.

He stressed, everyone in Moldova, including the Government, should realize that the Ministry promotes country's interests.

"All these years of my working as foreign minister were not at all easy years for me. The press wrote about relations between the Ministry's leadership and some political forces, including some representatives of the ruling party. But the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration has remained an unconquered fortress for all those who would like to direct us", the minister said.

Stratan expressed conviction that if Moldova were offered today to sign an agreement on joining the European Union, the President would sign it.

Asked if he believes that Presidential Adviser Mark Tkachuk is a shadowy governor of the Republic of Moldova and the Moldovan Communist Party, Andrei Stratan replied, "may be Mark Tkachuk imagines he governs the country, or may be he dreams about this, but in reality this is far from so..."

In Stratan's opinion, some people give too overrated estimates of the man, "which 'almighty' Tkachuk does not deserve... He could promote the solution of certain problems, but his promotion is rather negative because his intentions are, rather, more destructive than constructive".

Asked if Mark Tkachuk had ever tried to interfere into the foreign ministry's affairs, Andrei Stratan said he could provide many examples to that.

"One day, Tkachuk proposed two persons to the posts of deputy ministers. I disagreed, and now see I was right because the 'diplomats' appeared to have had no intention whatever to work hard for the country's interests. To prevent the ministry's expressing its own opinion differing from Tkachuk's opinion, he puts various obstacles to us", said Stratan.

In 2007, he said, Tkachuk submitted a report to President Voronin, in which he actually "showed the red card" to the ministry's progress in the sphere of Moldova's European integration.

"In the government circles, everyone knows his destructive behaviour and his attempts to present me in black colors before the MCP leadership. Apparently, I present danger, though I have no idea - for whom? I shall remain on my positions because I have always put things straight and have never tried to influence on anybody", said Andrei Stratan.


Chisinau, June 19 ( INFOTAG ). "Only Marian Lupu can say if all this is his scenario or someone else's, and if this scenario is but a preparation of a reserve airfield", Moldovan Deputy Premier, Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration Andrei Stratan stated in his interview with the Timpul newspaper.

Stratan confessed he does not feel anything extraordinary or dangerous happening in the Communist Party after Marian Lupu's departure [last June 10] - anything that might lead to disintegration of the ruling party.

"Apparently, all this is kind of a play started after the [April 7] elections, and the play may take some more time. May be, somebody wanted to heat up passions in the party after the presidential election had failed so as to attract some forces to one's side and enlist some political dividends for the future. But eventually nothing particular has happened", said Andrei Stratan.

Concerning April 7 events in Chisinau, the Deputy Premier said the special investigation commission will establish the truth one day, but it is obvious that this entire story will do a disservice to Moldova on the international arena.

"Already now, Moldova has been excluded from all events and all processes which the republic is part to", he said.

Asked when Chisinau may cancel visa regime for Romanians, Andrei Stratan replied that at the end of June President Voronin will visit Brussels, where he will meet with the leaders of the European Commission and European Union.

"We will discuss the visa question and our relations with Romania as a whole. We will hopefully persuade our European partners into liberalizing the visa regime for Moldova citizens because Moldova does not present any danger to the European Union: all Moldovans who wanted to emigrate have long emigrated by now", said Andrei Stratan.