PLDM asks Voronin to disclose conditions of loan from Russia

The Liberal Democratic Party (PLDM) asks incumbent president Vladimir Voronin to disclose the conditions against which Russia committed to disburse a 500-million loan to Moldova.
Info-Prim Neo, 23 June 2009, 18:20

2009-06-23/14:29/ Chisinau (IPN) “We're much interested in the crediting period, the interest to be paid by Moldova and in the investment projects this credit is offered for,” these are the questions for Vladimir Voronin, worded at a news conference on Tuesday, 23 June, at a news conference, Info-Prim Neo reports.

PLDM leader Vlad Filat considers that Voronin's trip to Moscow had an electoral purpose. “In the circumstances when the credit was obtained in absolute non-transparency, without informing society about its conditions, I consider this move to be contrary to Moldova's national interest and is a component part of the Communists' scenario for the early elections on June 29,” Filat said.

Referring to the law on discharging foreign debts, the PLDM presi dent has said the decisions on external state loans are adopted by the parliament. In this context, he specifies that the law on the 2009 state budget provides that, by 31 December 2009, the external debt managed by the government can be $841.400 million, and the external debt guaranteed by the state -- $8.4 million.

According to the PLDM leader, later in May Moldova's debt was $800 million. These 500 million offered by Russia would represent 60% of the total amount of the external debts at this moment.

“Who has empowered Vladimir Voronin to assume such responsibilities and in whose name? The PLDM asks the president in office and the government to ensure the transparency of the ruling act, and not to plunge into commitments that may jeopardize our citizens' future,” Filat said.

“This visit, with its so-called results, was used in a very cynic manner, with electoral purposes by the PCRM,” Vlad Filat concluded.