Marian Lupu: „It is not an honour for me to be elected President by quite not a legitimate Parliament"

The former speaker, Marian Lupu, denies Vladimir Voronin’s declarations according to which his decision to leave PCRM is due to the anger for not having been issued as a candidate for head of state from the part of communists.
DECA-press, 24 June 2009, 20:08

In an interview published on Wednesday, in the Russian weekly publication „SP” from Balti, Marian Lupu declares that „If I had been elected president by quite not a legitimate Parliament, it would not have been an honour for me”.

Asked whether the Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM), the faction which the former speaker joined to, will make coalition with the communists in some issues, including the election of head of state, Marian Lupu declared his faction will give preference to democratic and pro-European parties. Marian Lupu is certain that PDM will have mandates in the future Parliament.