Communists accuse Chirtoaca of cooperating with extremist movement

The Moldovan Communists Party (PCRM) is accusing Dorin Chirtoaca, the vice president of the Liberal Party and also the mayor of Chisinau, as well as several media outlets in Chisinau, of cooperating with the Romania-registered nationalist organization New Right, which the Communists describe as extremist and xenophobic.
Info-Prim Neo, 26 June 2009, 16:31

2009-06-26/10:19/ Chisinau (IPN) “The activation of right-wing extremist organizations of legionary nature are tacitly supported by some right-wing political forces in Moldova, in particular by the Liberal Party”, the PCRM said in a statement.

Called a 'unionist', Chirtoaca is accused of participating in a ceremony dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the Unification of the Romanian Principalities, held in Iasi and allegedly co-organized by the New Right.

At the same time, visiting the website of the movement, the PCRM concluded that the links to the newspapers Timpul and Ziarul de Garda and the radio station Vocea Basarabiei m ake them the New Right's media partners in Moldova. Their argument is: “None of them dismissed the status of the New Right's media partner”.

The Communists also claim the representatives of the New Right participated actively in the vandalism events on April 7 in Chisinau and say they have video and photographic footage to substantiate their statements.

The PCRM is urging the political parties, civil society, journalism organizations, and media organizations to show reaction to the organizations which promote legionary and neofascist ideas in a concealed manner, and to the political parties that openly promote hard right and xenophobic ideas, and admit the heroizing of executioners and fascist criminals, the PCRM's statement says.

Corina Fusu, the vice president of the Liberal Party, dismissed any affinity with the New Right, saying that Chirtoaca's appearance in a picture together with a representative of the movement was a simple c oincidence. “On January 24 Dorin Chirtoaca visited Iasi on the invitation of the mayor of Iasi municipality, and was part of an official delegation. It had no connection with the movement in question”, Corina Fusu told Info-Prim Neo.