Marian Lupu maintains he is not part of a Communist project

Marian Lupu, the Communist Speaker in the previous Parliament of Moldova, keeps on refuting allegations that his coming over to the Democratic Party is a project of the Communist Party's, a project conceived and implemented by Mark Tkachuk
INFOTAG, 26 June 2009, 16:47

Chisinau, June 26 ( INFOTAG ).In his interview published today by several Chisinau papers (Jurnal de Chişinău, Timpul, Moldavskiye Vedomosti, etc.) on money from the DP electoral fund, Lupu stated that this "political personage [Tkachuk] as well as his capabilities are being too mythologized lately".

In his words, Tkachuk is being presented as a genius of Communist projects. In the reality, however, he is merely a little part in an authoritarian political machine, "though he is a carrier of some ideas that are getting increasingly dangerous. There was a time, when the same used to be said about Vlad Filat - that he was allegedly an MCP agent. And what is the truth now?" Lupu wondered.

The former Communist Chairman of Parliament recommended avoiding being victims of rumors about an alleged all-mightiness of the Communist Party.

"The Communists are strong as long as we feel afraid of standing up to oppose to them. And we will be weak as long as we believe the Communists are the only strong political force in the country. Last April's events showed that they are fairly vulnerable, especially when they lose control of scenarios. In such situations, they become hysterical, and lose ability to solve political conflicts cold-bloodedly and with dignity", said Marian Lupu.

"I am not a project of the Communists'. I am their headache, and July 29 election results will show this", he stressed.

Marian Lupu confirmed he had been in negotiations with other opposition parties, including with parliamentary ones, "however, most of them were interested in having only my name in their electoral tickets, to thus put on political weight. Meanwhile, I stand together with my team, without which I don't imagine how I can realize my plans".

Lupu is sure the Democratic Party will win seats in the next parliament, "and the Democrats shall not vote for a Communist President. We feel that the Moldovans are disappointed with the quality of the power, and they want a new team to govern the republic. We share their feelings".