SDPM and CUM decide to unite

The Social Democratic Party of Moldova and the Centrist Union of Moldova have decided to unite, their leaders Dumitru Braghis and Vasile Tarlev - both being former Prime Ministers of Moldova - have announced at a news conference in Infotag today.
INFOTAG, 26 June 2009, 18:43

Chisinau, June 26 ( INFOTAG ). Braghis reminded to journalists that yet one month before, the Social Democrats had stood up with a unification proposal to left-centrist and social democratic forces. Like then, the Social Democrats continue to believe that only a united force is able to create a serious alternative to the incumbent authorities "that are incapable of cushioning up the consequences of economic crisis and thus to avoid a political crisis... The Communist Party cannot provide conditions for a normal political dialog. On the contrary, it works to split up the society".

Vasile Tarlev stated the Centrist Union is also concerned about the current socio-political and economic situation in the country. He believes the centrist and social democratic forces ought to learn a good lesson from their own errors and to act in concert so as to provide for a "dictatorship of the law and national interests".

Tarlev said the massive presence of "extreme polarities" on the Moldovan political scene [two closest political allies at the current stage - the extreme left Moldovan Communist Party and the extreme right Christian Democratic Popular Party] cannot indeed provide for country's normal development, and centrist forces can only ensure this.

Braghis and Tarlev regretted the failed negotiations on their organizations' unification with the Democratic Party, which is now headed by the communist ex-speaker of the previous Moldovan Parliament, Marian Lupu. Braghis criticized Lupu for his "trying to politically corrupt the members of other parties".

Both ex-premiers said that their formations are open to unification with other parties, and that the unification process must be completed before the end of this year.