The Government to exempt small farmers from the land tax

The Government will exempt small farmers from the land tax for 2009 (except household plots for rural dwellers), Prime Minister Zinaida Grechanaya said at a general meeting of woman farmers in Chisinau on Sunday.
INFOTAG, 29 June 2009, 16:25

Chisinau, June 29 ( INFOTAG ). According to the governmental press service, she remarked that the Government plans to reconsider the mechanism for the procurement of agricultural products for the state's needs in order to help farmers in selling their yield.

The Premier promised that the Government will exert itself to resolve problems, relating to the storage and sale of agricultural products.

'Irrespective of the sector of the national economy, the problems of women are similar and call for considerable efforts for overcoming them. In particular, it is important under today's conditions, when the republic faces challenges, which had been unknown to it until the present. This situation inflicts serious damage on the national economy and on the country's image. In this connection, I call upon women to pull together their efforts for restoring the civil peace in Moldova. These are women, who play a reconciliation role in the society" Zinaida Grechanaya said.

In her opinion, all the energy of a number of Moldovan politicians is not aimed at the creation and the development of their countries, but at split and confrontation.