Communist Party hope to win minimum three-fifths on July 29...

At the forthcoming early parliamentary elections, the currently governing Moldovan Communist Party will win minimum 61 mandates in the 101-member Parliament of Moldova, prominent MCP member Vadim Mishin stated at a news conference today.
INFOTAG, 29 June 2009, 19:00

Chisinau, June 29 ( INFOTAG ). "Liberal parties will poll maximum 25% ballots on July 29. Yes the opposition will certainly be present in the next Parliament of Moldova but will not be able to decide anything. We are not considering whom to collaborate with in the new forum, for we will have enough mandates to pass decisions necessary for the country", Mishin said.

In his opinion, the Moldovan society has been split at the moment, and "the split is fairly deep, though I don't think it is catastrophic. This is an electoral split, not an ethnic one. The Moldovan electorate is broadly divisible into the Left - 60% and the Right - some 25%. The rest 15% make the so-called extremist electorate, who stand up against the statehood of the Republic of Moldova. Unfortunately, there exists no centrist electorate in Moldova. In European countries, such electorate constitutes about 20% society".

In his words, the Liberal Party leaders stated recently they want the Republic of Moldova to stop existing as an independent state.

"These days, I am visiting quite many localities having national minorities, and such people constantly ask me what is going to be with our republic. I calm them down and say that after the elections the situation will become stable as it used to be before April 2009, and the Communist Party has done so much for this. I myself is an national minority representative - I am Russian who has lived in Moldova for many years, and I care very much about the country's future", said Vadim Mishin.


Chisinau, June 29 ( INFOTAG ). A Communist Party member until very recently, ex-speaker of the previous parliament Marian Lupu has become "righter than the Right, judging by his recent statements", Vadim Mishin, a real MCP heavyweight, stated at the news conference today.

Asked by your Infotag correspondent to assess the Democratic Party's electoral chances to make centrist-minded electorate to vote for the Democrats, Vadim Mishin said he does not really think the Democratic Party is a Centrist party.

"I have heard they are undertaking a mission of uniting Centrist an Left forces and of consolidating this political segment. But I would like to say that such a serious mission can be carried out only by a very strong party, like e.g. the Moldovan Communist Party", Mishin said.

He further held, saying that after the July 29 elections, at which the MCP will win a majority, the Communists will stand up for consolidation of Centrist and Left forces for the sake of restoring stability in Moldova.

"I would like very much to meet with Marian Lupu. I have worked 4 years with him as one team, and now I would wish just to look into his eyes", Vadim Mishin said.

Marian Lupu quitted the Communist Party this past June 10 because, as he stated, his political outlooks and convictions were not shared in the Communist Party. However, MCP leaders are saying Lupu has simply got offended because the Communist Party had not nominated him as candidate for President of Moldova.


Chisinau, June 29 ( INFOTAG ). The statements made by the leaders of the three main opposition parties - the Liberal Party, the Liberal Democratic Party and the Moldova Noastra Alliance - that the April 5 parliamentary elections were allegedly rigged by the Communist authorities are but an attempt to smokescreen the opposition's actions undertaken last April 7, Vadim Mishin stated today.

He said this is a weak and unreliable smokescreen: "For me as a lawyer, it is very amusing to see how inconsistent Liberal Democratic Party leader Vlad Filat is. First he criticized the international observers who recognized the April 5 results, and accused them of their love for Cricova wine cellars [enormous underground wine-storing facility near Chisinau, where many foreign guests are brought to taste exquisite wines]. Then he began claiming that only European experts can investigate the April 7 events".

Mishin mentioned one more statement "devoid of whatever logic", made by Moldova Noastra Alliance leader Serafim Urechean - that the election was allegedly "falsified by 30%".

"Speaking so, not a single opposition party has yet lodged with the Central Election Commission an official application concerning violations during the April 5 elections", Mishin said.