Christian Democrats longing for electoral debates

The Christian Democratic Popular Party (CDPP, 3.03% at April 5 voting) wishes electoral live debates on television and radio to be started as soon as only possible.
INFOTAG, 2 July 2009, 18:36

Chisinau, July 2 ( INFOTAG ). CDPP spokesman in the Central Election Commission Radu Busila told a news conference today the party had sent to the CEC and Audiovisual Coordinating Council an application asking to launch such debates without delay, and requested that this question be considered at the CEC's nearest working meeting.

Genadie Vaculovschi, standing the first on the CDPP electoral ticket, said the Christian Democrats want the future parliament to be an efficient legislative forum, not like the one elected last April 5. For this to achieve, it is necessary to embark on live debates as soon as possible to let voters make their correct choice sooner.

Vaculovschi refuted rumors that the CDPP ticket will be re-written at the last moment, and that it will come to have the current CDPP leaders, who stated recently they had decided to give way to the young.

"We are a serious party. We do not play with our ticket", Vaculovschi said.