PL seeks Vladimir Voronin’s resignation

Liberal Party (PL) demands that the head of state and other high ranking officials resign in connection with the results of the examination of Valeriu Boboc’s body.
Info-Prim Neo, 3 July 2009, 18:29

2009-07-03/14:49/ Chisinau (IPN) The 23-year-old man was detained by the police on suspicion he had participated in the April 7 violent protests. He died several hours later. The repeated medical examination carried out by a European pathologist shows that the young person died as a result of blows to the neck and the thorax that caused a cardiac arrest.

“As the fact that Valeriu Boboc was killed was confirmed officially, the Liberal Party demands that the Minister of the Interior, the Minister of Health, the Prosecutor General, the Prime Minister, the chairman of the commission for investigating the April 7 events and the President resign,” the party says in a communiqué.

“Through the subdivisions they head, these persons caused Valeriu Boboc’s death,” the PL vice p resident Dorin Chirtoaca said at a news conference on Friday.

The international examination carried out three months after the death of Valeriu Boboc revealed that he was beaten by the police in the Great National Assembly Square in Chisinau on the night of April 8 and died as a result of the injuries, said the Mayor of Chisinau, who resigned from this post for the period of the election campaign.

“It was known from the very beginning that Valeriu Boboc was beaten to death. A European expert ascertained what the Communists did not want to admit: Valeriu Boboc died after beaten by the police by order of the Communist government,” Dorin Chirtoaca said, adding that the young man did not take part in the April 7 events. He made reference to the statements of the witnesses, who said that Valeriu Boboc came in the square late in the evening.

“If they lied in Boboc’s case, they could lie about the elections and the devastation of the Presidential Office and the Parliament as well. Isn’t the truth coming out in all the cases?” Chirtoaca asked rhetorically. The PL seeks an international investigation that would examine the other deaths that happened after April 7.

Andrei Padure, director of the Legal Medicine Center, confirmed that the results of the repeated medical examination are available. “We have the results, but the law does not allow us to make them public. This can be done only the prosecutor that is investigating the case. He has them,” Andrei Padure has told Info-Prim Neo. At the same time, the prosecutor investigating the case Ion Matusenco said that the results of the examination did not reach the Prosecutor’s Office and he cannot say anything about this.

Initially, the Prosecutor’s Office said that Valeriu Boboc died after he got poisoned with an unknown substance. The young man’s body was exhumed on June 15 for the second medic al examination.