Angry, Moldova Unita won't participate in elections

The president of the party “Moldova Unita” (PDSMU), Anna Tcaci, told a news conference on July 7 her party would not participate in the snap elections in July.
Info-Prim Neo, 7 July 2009, 18:11

2009-07-07/10:41/ Chisinau (IPN) She has said the gesture is a protest against the fact that not all the parties are offered equal conditions in media to participate in the campaign, Info-Prim Neo reports.

In the April 5 poll, “Moldova Unita” scored 3,360 votes (0.22%) and Anna Tcaci says the elections were rigged. “It's impossible I should have taken so few votes in Edinet, where I come from. You know how the Moldovans vote for their children's godfathers,” she said.

When asked who should regret that Moldova Unita renounces the electoral fight, Anna Tcaci has said the party was set up on the basis of the Women's Movement from Moldova and thus 50% of the voters will not be represented in the Parliament.

Referring to the talks with the Social-Democratic Party, Anna Tcaci has said the PSD's doors are always open for Moldova Unita's members, but the territorial branches decided not to join as yet.

Anna Tcaci has shown herself alarmed about “the division of society by national criteria.” “Hatred is being instigated among the ethnicities living in Moldova,” she said meaning that the author would be the Communist Party. “Whom is the fight waged against and what is going to happen to the ones who save and the ones who don't save?” the politician asked.

Moldova Unita's leader has criticized the national public broadcaster “Teleradio-Moldova”, claiming the later took off the air the party's electoral clips during the last week of the campaign for the April 5 elections. “The governmental media go on making the rulers' game. They started a media war on the opposition parties. We do not want to participate in such a race,” Anna Tcaci said.