Young Democrats demand stopping hunt for young people

Three months after the April 7 events, young members of the Democratic Party (PDM) Tuesday protested against the hunting of young persons.
Info-Prim Neo, 7 July 2009, 18:40

2009-07-07/14:30/ Chisinau (IPN) With placards, flags and megaphones, the young Democrats during several minutes tried to sensitize the people to the fact that the authorities try to make young persons scapegoats for the April 7 events.

“We want that the current or the future government do not make the young people scapegoats for the April 7 acts of vandalism. Our message is: stop hunting the young persons,” said Victor Zubcu, president of the Youth Organization of the PDM.

“An international investigation must clarify this situation so that no one in Moldova could use these events in their own interests. We are a new generation that wants to live in a really functional state of law,” he added

According to Zubcu, the authorities use the state institutions to take reve nge on the young people, as for example the Ministry of Education and Youth in the case of the Baccalaureate exams. “The large number of students, about 22,000, who disputed their marks in the Baccalaureate exams proves this.

“It is important that the international institutions create a lobby so that the Moldovan young people could assert themselves, while the future government should fulfill an imperative: the young persons in Moldova must be on the first place,” he said.