‘Magnificent seven’ present election platform

Dressed in blue dungarees on the roof of a ten-story building on Wednesday, young candidates for MP that head the electoral list of the Christian Democratic People’s Party (PPCD), presented the party’s election platform titled “Restoration of Moldova”.
Info-Prim Neo, 8 July 2009, 18:47

2009-07-08/12:39/ Chisinau (IPN) “Now with a new image, the PPCD pleads for the change of the political generations and leaders. The Constitution should be modified so that the President of Moldova does not have the exclusive right to dissolve the Parliament. The President should only initiate a civil referendum on this matter. Also, the head of state should not have the exclusive right to appoint the Prime Minister, but be obliged to name that candidate that is proposed by the parliamentary majority. The members of the Government should be dismissed only by a decision of the Parliament,” the PPCD candidate Igor Ciuru said at a news conference.

The young members of the PPCD promised that if they enter the Parliament, they will separate the political posts from the public ones.

“The minister should be a politician responsible for working out the development strategy for a certain sector. The secretary of the minister should administer the ministry’s apparatus and deal with all the administrative problems. The persons to this post should be designated by the Government by open contest,” Igor Ciuru said.

Ghenadie Vaculovschi, who tops the list of the PPCD, said that the party aims to hasten Moldova’s European integration and the signing of the free trade, visa-free regime and association agreements with the EU.

“The strengthening of the partnership between Moldova, Ukraine and Romania will help establish stability in the region, will stimulate economic growth and boost Moldovan exports to the neighboring countries. The status of neutrality and the visa regime between Moldova an d Romania should be annulled,” Vaculovschi said.

The PPCD has said that if it comes to power, it will focus on the rehabilitation of the national economy and the social sector and on the improvement of Moldova’s image abroad.

“We aim to create a special fund for social development programs that will consist of social allocations. We envision the formulation of a separate state program designed to protect the Moldovan working abroad and bring them back home,” Ghenadie Vaculovschi also said.

The PPCD will be under No. 2 in ballots. After the last elections, the party introduced important changes in its electoral list. The Christian-Democratic leader Iurie Rosca and other important members of the party – vice presidents Vlad Cubreacov and Stefan Secareanu and the leader of the PPCD faction in the Chisinau Council Alexandu Corduneanu – have not been included in the list. The first seven candidates on the list are me mbers of the New Generation named “the magnificent seven”.

In the April 5 elections, the PPCD polled 3.04% of the vote. The election threshold was 6%.