Liberal democrats demands from General Prosecutor's office to investigate hate propaganda

The Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova (LDPM) intends to demand from General Prosecutor's Office to speak out on stirring up ethnic hatred by some mass media.
INFOTAG, 8 July 2009, 18:53

Chisinau, July 8 ( INFOTAG ). LPPM Leader Vlad Filat said at a news conference that the matter is of some mass media, which cooperate with the Communist authorities, but he refused to name these mass media.

He said that after the Communists' coming to power in 2001 they divided the society on the basis of ethnic criteria and the press, controlled by them, was promoting sternly this idea.

"It seemed that the peak was reached during the election campaign for the parliamentary elections of April 5, but we continue observing them going beyond any limits now, as well. They dare to openly stir up ethnic hatred, which is inadmissible", LDPM Leader said .

In his words, the press, subjected to the authorities, takes extracts from the opposition's statements, compiles them and manipulates the public opinion in this manner. As an example, he quoted LDPM Parliamentary Iurie Leanca's statement, which was so distorted that the Liberal Democrats were presented as the enemies of national minorities.