Liberal youths protest in front of the CEC

The Youth organization of the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova (LDPM) has requested the Central Election Commission (CEC) to prolong the term for submitting residence place applications until July 24.
INFOTAG, 8 July 2009, 18:56

Chisinau, July 8 ( INFOTAG ). The statement, which was handed in to the Central Election Commission (CEC) by the representatives of the Liberal Party of Moldova in the CEC, says.

The youth also organized a meeting in front of the CEC building, where young liberals declaimed "We Want to Vote!". About 50 people were holding posters with the following inscription: "Ciocanu does not Allow Students to Vote!", "Fifty thousand students May be Deprived of the Voting Right!", "We Want to Vote at Home!", "Voting is Our Constitutional Right!", "Do not Impede the Youth to Participate in the Elections!".

They also addressed to CEC Secretary Iurie Ciocanu personally and asked him to give a reply, as soon as possible.

"We shall consider your request at a sitting of the Central Election Commission and will give an answer, proceeding from the Electoral Code", Ciocanu said.

He also donated two copies of the Electoral Code to Liberals to study the Code thoroughly.

The young Liberals said that they will stage meetings until they receive a satisfactory answer.

"The Communists approve Laws without thinking of the youth. Many of us did not succeed in submitting residence place applications, as during this time we were passing examinations", Deputy Chairman of the LDP youth organization Ion Bargan considers.

The CEC allowed submitting residence place applications until June 26. Otherwise students must vote in accordance with the place of their temporary residence, as a rule, in dormitories.