AMN claims Moldtelecom is compelled to buy failing company

The leader of Our Moldova Alliance (AMN) say acting president Vladimir Voronin compels the state-owned company “Moldtelecom” SA to buy, “at a fabulous and dubious price”, the mobile telephony operator “Eventis”, on the brink of bankruptcy.
Info-Prim Neo, 13 July 2009, 19:17

2009-07-13/14:57/ “It is a doubtful affair, which, if done, may affect including those over 7,000 employees of Moldtelecom. In addition, Moldtelecom has its own mobile telephony operator, which is hardly surviving in the conditions of the world crisis,” Serafim Urecheanu told a news conference on July 13, Info-Prim Neo reports.

According to the AMN leader, Voronin compels the national fixed telephony operator to give $100 million on “Eventis”, although this company costs 3-4 times less, in the conditions of the ongoing economic crisis. “The Eventis employees have not lifted salaries for 6 months,” Urecheanu stated, adding that he has got this information from Moldtelecom employees from several districts.

Moreover, the AMN leader says Moldtelecom's former manager Gheorghe Ursachi was recently sacked for “being a patriot and did not allow this corruption.” He was replaced by Vitalie Iurcu, the former manager of the Energy Regulating Agency (ANRE), who is already enforcing the request of the head of the state, the AMN president says.

According to Urecheanu, the deal would have been impelled on Voronin by certain groups of interests from Russia, not necessarily by Muscovite officials. On the other hand, Urecheanu does not rule out that the deal would be a condition for Russia to disburse the promised half-billion-dollar loan to Moldova.

Moldtelecom's general manager Vitalie Iurcu shows himself puzzled by Serafim Urecheanu's statements and says those are inventions having nothing in common with the truth. In statement sent to the agency he say s “the statements are political and pursue a single goal: to misinform the public.”


2009-07-13/15:27/ CoЕ secretary: Clearly Moldovan State Television has much to learn about responsible journalism

Chisinau (IPN) The secretary general of the Council of Europe (CoE), Terry Davis, states he is “very concerned about the allegations made on Moldovan State Television that some people employed by the Council of Europe participated in the post-electoral disturbances in Moldova in April,” Info-Prim Neo learns from a communique by CoE.

These very serious allegations have been made without any specific evidence being presented and without the Council of Europe or the people concerned being given an opportunity to respond to them, reads the release.

Terry Davis says: „Clearly Moldovan State Television has much to learn about responsible journalism”.

“If Moldovan State Television had contacted the Council of Europe before making these allegations, they would have been told that it is seven weeks since I wrote to the Moldovan Government and asked them to explain why one of our experts had not been allowed to return to Moldova in spite of having a valid visa. If they had asked, Moldovan State Television would have also been told that I am still waiting for a reply to my letter,” Terry Davis states.