Liberal International for conducting free and fair elections in Moldova.

At its sitting in London the Liberal International has spoken out for conducting free and fair elections in Moldova.
INFOTAG, 15 July 2009, 17:51

Chisinau, July 15 ( INFOTAG ). The bureau members demanded from the Moldovan Government to observe its international obligations and to guarantee a free and fair election campaign. They declared that they closely follow developments in Moldova and support unconditionally the Moldova Noastra Alliance, which is a member of the Liberal International.

The bureau members think that the Moldovan Government must observe requirements of the PACE and European Parliament resolutions after the authorities applied illegally force against the oppositional participants in the protest actions after the elections at the beginning of April.

The European Liberals are concerned with reports, which underline that not all the requirements are observed and that the authorities forged the election slates and the voters are subjected to the Communist propaganda.