The ruling Communist Party is ready to cooperate with the opposition

The ruling Communist Party is ready to cooperate with the opposition in the new parliament on the basis of five principles, the leader of the Communist Party, acting President Vladimir Voronin, told a news conference today.
INFOTAG, 15 July 2009, 19:24


Chisinau, July 15 ( INFOTAG ). Voronin said that the first principle was joining efforts to overcome the economic crisis by maintaining the stability of the financial system, social guarantees and obligations assumed by the state.

The second principle is "joint legislative and political work" aimed at achieving Moldova's European modernization.

"This means beginning talks on the stabilization of inter-state relations between Moldova and Romania. At the end of these negotiations, the two states should sign a border treaty and a political treaty," Voronin said, referring also to the signing of a new agreement between Moldova and the EU.

According to Voronin, this agreement will give the republic a new level of freedoms: a liberalized visa regime for citizens and a free trade regime for Moldovan goods.

"When it comes to European integration, we need professional cooperation rather than emotions and slogans," he said.

The third principle named by Voronin is recognition of the reintegration of Moldova [with its breakaway Transnistrian region] as the "key task of the Moldovan statehood".

"We all should realize that this task could be achieved only on the basis of Moldova's territorial integrity and through granting the Transnistrian region special status, as well as through strengthening our neutrality and complete demilitarization of the country," he said.

The fourth and fifth principles are "strengthening and support for Moldovan identity" and "enhancing the partnership with Russia", as well as strengthening ties within the CIS.


Chisinau, July 15 ( INFOTAG ). Moldovan acting President Vladimir Voronin has confirmed that Moldova's original Declaration of Independence has burnt during the April 7 riots.

Speaking at a news conference today, Voronin said: "Unfortunately, this document burnt together with other documents which were kept in parliament. Over 80% of the parliament's archives burnt during the post-election riots. However, a copy of the Declaration of Independence is kept at the presidential administration."

He also said that the ruling Communist Party is pleased with the fact that in the ongoing electoral campaign for the July 29 early elections the opposition changed its message to voters and is now speaking more about patriotism and the protection of national minorities.

"We welcome such changes which occurred thanks to the Communist Party's slogan 'Let's defend our Fatherland!'", Voronin said.

According to him, "the country needs to be defended from extremists, criminal groups, as well as from those seeking to turn Moldova into a province of another states [Romania]".

Vladimir Voronin also said that the Communist Party was ready to cooperate with the opposition after the elections and create a grand coalition, regardless of the number of seats that each party would win in the future parliament.

"The organization of permanent elections is not an issue on our agenda. Political battles should remain only part of electoral campaigns. But after elections we should work together for the benefit of the country and we should achieve national consensus", Voronin said.

Asked about a possible outcome of the elections, Voronin said that "opinion polls show a very favorable result for the Communists".

"At the same time, we remain realists. I am a cautious optimist," Voronin underlined.


Chisinau, July 15 ( INFOTAG ). Moldovan acting President Vladimir Voronin has spoken in favor of resuming the negotiations on a settlement of the conflict with Moldova's breakaway Transnistrian region. Voronin made a statement to this effect at a news conference that he held today as leader of the ruling Communist Party.

"The Transnistrian settlement remains one of our key priorities. We advocate the settlement of this problem by granting the region a special status in line with the principles of Moldova's territorial integrity, independence and sovereignty," Voronin said.

He also said that Chisinau speaks in favor of "complete demilitarization of the country and its absolute neutrality".

"We are confident that this would help solving the Transnistrian problem. There should not be two armies on the banks of the Transnistrian River or foreign troops on Moldova's territory. Of course, the status of neutrality should be always observed," Voronin added.

He expressed regret that the Transnistrian settlement process has been deterred by the April 7 disturbances [street protests against the alleged rigging of the 5 April election].

"It always happens like this: the worse the situation in Moldova is, the better for the separatist forces in the Transnistrian region. Therefore, we speak in favor of stability and the planned settlement of the Transnistrian conflict," Voronin said.

Asked by journalists to comment on the recent resignation of the speaker of the Transnistrian parliament, Yevgeniy Shevchuk, Voronin said that "this has nothing to do either with the situation in Moldova or with the settlement of the Transnistrian conflict".

"Yevgeniy Shevchuk is a weak person. His character is not adequate to the situation existing in the Transnistrian region. There is a domestic fight and there are intrigues there. It might be that the EU did him a great disservice by naming him the only Transnistrian leader who was allowed entering the EU. Smirnov and his supporters have simply 'eaten' him," Voronin added.

[The EU prohibited Transnistrian leaders from entering its territory in February 2003 and has extended the ban ever since. The ban was later supported by the USA and the new EU members. Shevchuk has been the only Transnistrian leader who was not subject to the ban.]