LADOM is concerned with the course of the election campaign

The Human Rights League to Moldova, which conducts the monitoring of the election campaign for the early parliamentary elections, which will take place on July 29 is concerned with the course of the election campaign.
INFOTAG, 16 July 2009, 20:07

Chisinau, July 16 ( INFOTAG ). The LADOM second report on the monitoring for the period from July 1 to 15, which was presented at a news conference in Infotag on Thursday, underscores shortcomings, which can create negative trends and endanger the entire election process.

The organization has revealed a number of violations against the principles of the competitive election process and the Electoral Code. For example, Minister of Interior Gheorghe Papuc visited Riscani, where he met employees of the police to explain them how they must carry on the monitoring of visits by oppositional parties on the spots and their meeting with citizens. All this is necessary to preserve power", the reports' authors consider.

They stressed that Vice-Premier Iurie Rosca, who visited various localities, speaks not only about his activities, but he also discredited the oppositional parties and called for voting for the Christian Democratic Popular Party (CDPP), headed by him, and for the ruling Communist Party.

The report says that state employees continue using the administration resource in the election campaign.

'If Vice-Chairman of the Liberal Party of Moldova and Chisinau Mayor Dorin Chirtoaca, who suspended his activities on the Mayor's post, travels in his Opel Astra own car, so incumbent Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin uses not only his own car, but also police and service cars", the LADOM representatives said.

The LADOM representatives underscored the placement of election advertising posters in forbidden spots and acts of vandalism against election posters, as well as intimidation of election contenders.

As for electoral slates, they said that it is difficult to identify them.

LADOM has a national network of four coordinators, 62 long-term and 1579 short-term observers. The organization will conduct the monitoring on the election day. It acts in the frame of the project "The Electoral Support for Moldova", financed by the European Union and the UNDP. The observers' activities are co-financed by the OSCE Mission to Moldova and the Eurasia Fund.