PLDM car attacked by seven individuals

The PLDM’s car outfitted with equipment needed to publicly present the party’s report on the April 5 elections was assailed on the night of July 19, the Liberal-Democratic leader Vlad Filat announced at a news conference on Monday.
Info-Prim Neo, 20 July 2009, 18:54

2009-07-20/17:33/ Chisinau (IPN) Seven individuals threw stones at the car and broke the wind screen. When the guards appeared, the unidentified persons ran away, leaving several bottles with an inflammable substance that they intended to use to set the car on fire, Filat said.

“Only officials of the PLDM and employees of the municipal police knew the place were the car stood. This makes us think that the information leaked out with the help of the police, which could have even staged the incident,” the PLDM president said.

Vladimir Filat implied that the action was orchestrated by the Communists Party and showed the reporters pictures of the damaged car. The report was to be present ed in the Great National Assembly Square.

The PCRM member Grigore Petrenco denied the accusations, saying that the PLDM must have evidence to support its assertions and then