The pogrom of the buildings of Parliament and Presidential Administration was organized by the Communist Party

Members of the Council of Civil Society (CCS), who carried out an investigation of the events of April 7-8, came to this conclusion.
INFOTAG, 20 July 2009, 19:17

Chisinau, July 20 ( INFOTAG ). On Monday, Council member Feodor Ghelici said at a news conference in Infotag, that this conclusion was made on the basis of meetings with Moldovan Parliament ex-Speaker Marian Lupu, ex-Premier Vasile Tarlev, ex-Deputy Vladimir Turcan, representatives of the oppositional parties Serafim Urechean and Vlad Filat, as well as with Chief of the General Department for Public Order of the Ministry of Interior Petru Corduneanu.

"We have even tried to meet Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin, Prime Minister Zinaida Grechanaya, Minister of Interior Gheorghe Papuc and Minister of Construction and Territory Development Vladimir Baldovici. However, our attempts failed.

In his words, the conversation with Lupu was the most shocking. He said that on the part of the Communist authorities there was a commercial interest in the pogroms of the administrative buildings.

"Lupu said that the events of April 7 were not a political, but an economic act. In his opinion, the matter may be not of a coup d'etat, as it is made on the basis of a classical scheme with the capture of the TV and the Government buildings. He also expressed doubt in justifying enormous expenditures for the capital repair of buildings of the Parliament and the Presidential Administration, He asserts that the contracts for the supply of building materials and equipment were concluded beforehand outside the borders of our republic. He said that from his office he saw like several groups of persons whipped up young people and urged them to commit acts of vandalism, Ghelici said.

The report say, in Tarlev's opinion, the destruction of the accounting department and the archives eliminated the traces of financial crimes, and this was written off on marauders.

In Ghelici's opinion, the police was involved in a dirty show and only the Moldovan leadership knows, who needed this and why.

"Corduneanu said that the police was able to establish order, as it has all the necessary means for this. However, the police was not allowed to take measures on protecting state objects from pogroms. He said that the policemen were standing under a torrent of stones, though they were able to disperse the protesters within five minutes", he said.

Ghelici considers that the authorities organized this performance, in order to eliminate the opposition, to compromise Romania and to avert the society from the social and economic problems.