Exit polls will be carried out on July 29 too

The voters that will take part in the July 29 early elections will be also asked how they voted immediately after the election.
Info-Prim Neo, 21 July 2009, 17:54

2009-07-21/07:50/ Chisinau (IPN) The exit polls will be organized by the Public Policy Institute through the agency of two sociological companies – the Marketing and Polling Institute (IMAS) and CBS AXA, Info-Prim Neo reports.

The persons that have already voted will be asked questions as to their age, education and ethnicity. Afterward, they will receive the questionnaire to mark the party that they voted for. The filled out questionnaire will be put into a special box. The anonymity of the voters will be guaranteed.

“We signed contracts with different media outlets to inform the people about the organization of the exit polls so that the voters are not afraid. In order to have active participants in these polls, who will answer honestly, we must promote this mechanism for finding out the voters’ choice,” said Arcadie Barbarosie, director of the Public Policy Institute.

According to him, the exit polls are designed to contribute to the holding of free and fair elections in Moldova. “The exit polls will be representative of the population as a whole, including of the Transnistrian voters as we will carry out polls at several polling places there,” Barbarosie said, adding that the results will not be representative of the Moldovans that are abroad.

The first results will be presented at 21.05, five minutes after the polling stations are closed. The final results will be announced in an hour. At the April 5 elections, the voters also took part in exit polls.

The “For More Transparent and Fair Elections: Exit Poll 2009” Project is supported financially by Eurasia Foundation from the money offered by different donors. The project’s cost is US$143,000.