"For a Clean Parliament",

The Civil Initiative "For a Clean Parliament", uniting seven profiled non-governmental organizations, has published a list of 38 parliamentary candidates, who fail to meet the Initiative's criteria of decency, namely these persons are claimed to be involved in instances of corruption, political inconstancy, are responsible for Moldova's systematic defeats in the European Court of Human Rights, etc.
INFOTAG, 21 July 2009, 18:08

Chisinau, July 21 ( INFOTAG ). Dumitru Lazur of the Civil Initiative told a news conference today that 28 of the 38 candidates represent the ruling Communist Party, and this group includes Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin, Prime Minister Zinaida Grechanaya, First Deputy Chairman of Parliament Vladimir Turcan, First Deputy Premier, Minister of Economy and Trade Igor Dodon, Deputy Premier Victor Stepaniuc.

The list includes also 4 candidates from the Moldova Noastra Alliance - businessman Veaceslav Platon, MP Alexandru Oleinic, former Deputy Premier Ion Gutu, and former MP Vasile Pantea; two candidates from the Liberal Democratic Party - MPs Simion Furdui and Vladimir Hotineanu; two from the Democratic Party - ex-speaker Marian Lupu and ex-MP Valeriu Ghuma; and Stefan Uritu of the Liberal Party and Ion Prisacaru of the Social Democratic Party.

The Civil Initiative considered the decency of candidates from only those parties which, according to recent opinion polls, have chances for winning mandates in the next parliament. The list has been printed in the amount of 200 thousand copies, which are already being distributed among citizenry.