Oposition: Ruling party are behaving "as if they are preparing for a war"

The Liberal Party (LP), the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova (LDPM) and the Moldova Noastra Alliance (MNA) have appealed to the democratic electorate to "get mobilized for the July 29 elections".
INFOTAG, 21 July 2009, 18:15

Chisinau, July 21 ( INFOTAG ). LP Chairman Mihai Ghimpu stated at a news conference in Infotag today that each voter must persuade minimum one more person into casting ballots for one of the three opposition parties in question.

In his belief, "2009 must become a year of changes, and the changes depend on each of us".

Ghimpu stressed it was precisely the democratic electorate that had called upon the LP, LDPM and MNA to abstain from electing a communist president, to care about Moldovan children's future, and "to not let the Voronin regime remain in power".

MNA leader Serafim Urechean stated the three parties had never betrayed their voters, and had always acted in the voters' interests. He assured, "Even though the three of us are running for parliament separately, we are acting in concert, and we have a common electoral message to the citizenry. We are able of taking over the state power in the republic and of ensuring a democratic future for Moldova".

LDPM leader Vlad Filat said the forthcoming elections are essential not only for running parties but also for citizens who want to live in a free and democratic Moldova.

"Last June 3, we refused to vote for a communist president and thus won a victory. Yet the victory is insufficient at the moment. Now the vote of every citizen is crucial", Vlad Filat said.


Chisinau, July 21 ( INFOTAG ). The Liberal Party, the Liberal Democratic Party and the Moldova Noastra Alliance have ruled out whatever possibility of their post-election cooperation with the Democratic Party and its new leader, former Communist Chairman of the Moldovan Parliament Marian Lupu. The three parties regard Lupu as "a Communist project".

LDPM leader Vlad Filat stated at the news conference in Infotag today the three parties concerned stand ready for cooperation with only such parties and leaders who pursue national interests, not personal ones.

In his words, politics is made by people having a firm character, "while Marian Lupu failed to demonstrate firmness when it was really necessary to. He did not lift a finger to curb bruising and torturing of children in police stations. And he did not interfere to bridle passions during the last April's violence".

LP leader Mihai Ghimpu and MNA leader Serafim Urechean illustrated Marian Lupu's coming into active politics with national proverbs such as "The farther the wolf, the better for the village", "Give the wolf the best food, but he would hanker for the wood", and the like, thus hinting at the very name, lupu, which means wolf in Romanian.

They also mocked at Marian Lupu's desire to become President of Moldova one day. Ghimpu remarked, "Lupu has already become a head - fortunately of a party only, not the whole nation".

The three party leaders presume there is no particular point in focusing on the presidential post, which is not so important in a parliamentary republic. So if Moldovans cannot elect their national leader by a direct vote, they can achieve this by voting for a political party.

Serafim Urechean stated during the news conference that the Communists are raiding through Moldovan raions urging local residents to vote for the Communist Party, or for Lupu, or Iurie Rosca, which the MNA leader believes is evidence that Lupu is a Communist project.


Chisinau, July 21 ( INFOTAG ). The Liberal Party, the Liberal Democratic Party and the Moldova Noastra Alliance drew the citizens' attention to "how the Communist authorities are behaving these days - as if they are preparing for a war".

MNA leader Serafim Urechean said at the news conference that the Fulger special-purpose police unit has lately built up its strength from its usual 400 men up to over one thousand.

"Field and other exercises have lately been held practically every day. The police are taken out to special exercises by alarm. The Communists are preparing for something, but for what - nobody knows", Urechean said.

LDPM leader Vlad Filat presumes the Communists are thus seeking to disseminate panic in order to demoralize the active part of the society.

And LP Chairman Mihai Ghimpu is convinced the Communist authorities are not going to yield state power democratically. He offered evidence to that: in his words, the Government recently allocated additional 500 million lei of public means for power structures.

Ghimpu presumes the Communists may well bring people out into streets - as if on the opposition's behalf, and may beat them up or throw to prisons, "like they already did last April".