Gurbulea knows, but won't tell

“We know who are the organizers, mediators and instigators of the April 7 protests,” stated Moldova's general prosecutor Valeriu Gurbulea at a news conference on July 22.
Info-Prim Neo, 22 July 2009, 18:54

2009-07-22/16:15/ Chisinau (IPN) When asked to give names, Gurbulea has avoided to do so, saying they were made public already.

Businessman Gabriel Stati and the former advisor to president Voronin, Sergiu Mocanu, were probed, in prison and under house arrest, being charged with attempting to usurp state power. Chisinau mayor Dorin Chirtoaca was also interrogated by prosecutors under the same charge.

“Never has anyone stated about Romania's participation as a state, but other participation forms were mentioned,” stated the general prosecutor, when asked to explain what Romania's involvement was in the April 7 revolt. “For instance, during those events, informational systems of some state institutions were subjected to cyber attacks, including the system of the Presidenc y. According to the criminal inquest, those attacks were unleashed from the Romanian territory,” Gurbulea said.

“We have also asked the Romanian authorities as to the circumstances of organizing many youths to go to Chisinau before and on April 7,” the prosecutor said. On April 8, the Moldovan Government enacted the visa regime for Romanian citizens, accusing Romania of getting involved into the revolt.

Referring to those four men reported to have been beaten to death by police the night after the protests, the general prosecutor suggested that only Valeriu Boboc's case was relevant in this situation. Gurbulea has confirmed that the man's death was caused by blows administered to his throat and chest.

When asked if top dignitaries are investigated in connection to the riots, Gurbulea has said Vladimir Turcan, a Communist candidate, had been interrogated. He says a team of military prosecutors and police officers probe the Apri l events, but no policeman has been been indicted yet.

The general prosecutor has recognized cases of torture and ill-treatment took place in police commissariats, as 96 complaints have been submitted. In conclusion, Valeriu Gurbulea has said “these mass disorder actions bore an organized character”, pursued to organize a revolution in Chisinau and the political factor was there.