Greceanai prophesies bleak future for Moldova, 'unless political stability is reinstalled'

Number 2 on the PCRM's list of candidates, premier Zinaida Greceanai, states that the country's social-economic prospects are optimistic, “but a single factor is needed – reinstalling the political stability.”
Info-Prim Neo, 22 July 2009, 18:55

2009-07-22/13:17/ Chisinau (IPN) On July 22, she told a news conference that “the present government will be able to honor all the social commitments of the state,” Info-Prim Neo reports.

According to Zinaida Greceanai, “Moldova is not the country that can afford having permanent elections, and the Liberal opposition, in the name of destabilizing and destroying this state, will block any cooperation initiative and will trigger other elections at any cost.”

The prime-minister has given no concrete names or statements to demonstrate which politicians want “to destroy the state.” Instead, she criticized the opposition parties from the parliament for not willing to vote for her to become a president on June 3 and for not willing to put up their representatives in key-offices in the Parliament. Greceanai has stated the PCRM had been ready to offer the opposition offices of ministers.

When asked if the Communists will accept to rule in a possible coalition in the future parliament, Zinaida Greceanai has said it can be set up on the basis of “those 5 principles evinced by the party's president.” A week ago, Vladimir Voronin said the PCRM could reach agreement with other parties, if they will stand for fighting the economic crisis, European modernizing, reintegrating the country, supporting the Moldovan identity and insuring the rights of all the ethnic minorities and for keeping the partnership with Russia.

The premier has said that “Moldova's financial viability, that is paying salaries, pensions, social payments and foreign debts can be insured only if the country has a functional parliament, an elected president and a government, within a mon th.”

Accusing opposition parties of irresponsibility, Zinaida Greceanai has said that an example is “the total ignorance with which the Chisinau city hall, managed by the Liberals, prepares the heating of the city in the wake of the coming cold season.” The Communist candidate says that by continuing the political confrontations and a possible third electoral campaign in less than a year, the country could reach a financial default.