PL: All the state machinery works against Liberal Party and other opposition parties

“The state machinery has worked against the Liberal Party and other opposition parties in this electoral race,” the deputy president of the Liberal Party (PL), Corina Fusu, told a news conference on July 24.
Info-Prim Neo, 24 July 2009, 17:43

2009-07-24/16:33/ Chisinau (IPN) “The whole electoral strategy of the PCRM has been grounded on the idea that Moldova is surrounded by external enemies, and, inside, the opposition is against the state and threatens the state. It's a sheer lie invented by the Communists, after they tried to back it setting fire to the Parliament and the Presidency,” Fusu is quoted by Info-Prim Neo as stating.

Another Liberal deputy president, Dorin Chirtoacă, has stated: “From dawn to dusk, using servile state structures and media, the Moldovans receive doses of lies, so that they cannot realize what's actually happens.” “The opposition stands for strengthening society, for reintegrating Moldova and its Transnistrian area, but the Commu nists say the opposition is against the state and unionist (with Romania – e.n.), what is absolutely unjust,” said the Chisinau mayor.

PL leader Mihai Ghimpu has exemplified the way in which the prosecutor's office works against the Liberals. The PL lodged a request with the Chisinau city hall to hold a march through the capital on July 25, an event which is part of the party's electoral actions. The prosecutor's office has immediately sued the permissive decision of the city hall.

PL leaders have told about cases in which they were obstructed to hold electoral events in districts. “In Peresecina, Orhei district, police threw clasps under the wheels of our activists' cars, at a rally,” said writer Ion Hadarca, a candidate on the PL's list. “While we were holding the meeting, two cars uttered uncensored words to us through loudspeakers,” he said.

Another key-figure in the PL, Anatol Salaru, has told about ways in which law enforcers and Communist mayors hinder the Liberals to show their movie about the April 7 events.

“Would you like a washing machine, or a telly, or money,” Mihai Ghimpu has asked the journalists and then has shown an announcement with the PL's signs on which those promises were written to invite citizens to rallies with the PL. Ghimpu hints such announcements are allegedly made by Communists.

Dorin Chirtoaca has spoken about a known advertising flyer distributed by Posta Moldovei reading: “Choose Number 1.” Chirtoaca sees a link between this flyer which is issued by the only state mail service and the fact that it is distributed 4 days before the elections, and the PCRM is number 1 on the ballots. “Even the Central Election Commission works in the Communists' favor. CEC member Valentin Vizant is the manager of Posta Moldovei,” Chirtoaca said.