Authorities destabilizing situations in the localities - DP

The Communist Party, ruling in Moldova since 2001, is destabilizing situations in the localities through paralyzing the activities of local administrations, the Democratic Party maintains.
INFOTAG, 24 July 2009, 18:32

Chisinau, July 24 ( INFOTAG ). DP Honorary Chairman Dumitru Diacov advised a news conference today about the latest such example that took place in the Hincesti raion this week, where the Communists and Christian Democrats in the Raion Council [regional legislature] voted team-like for dismissing Raion Chairman and his 2-of-3 Deputies.

Diacov said the conflict in Hincesti "broke out for nothing", without whatever sound reason, and "it has a definite smell of elections".

The fired Hincesti Raion Chairman, Anatol Chetraru, stated that the MCP/CDPP decision was unlawful because it was railroaded by the votes of 18-of-33 members of the Council, though the necessary minimum for this has to be 24 votes.

"That was a premeditated attempt to mislead the local electorate on election eve", stated Chetraru. He believes the actions of the red-orange coalition in the Hincesti Raion Council are counter-productive and are only doing harm to the raion and its administration.


Chisinau, July 24 ( INFOTAG ). Representatives of the Liberal Party of Moldova (LPM) in the Chisinau Municipal Council consider that the on-going crisis and chaos in the CMC will be settled only after the early parliamentary elections, which will take place on July 29, Leader of the LPM faction in the CMC Ion Ciobanu said at a news conference on Friday.

Ciobanu remarked that the chaos in the Chisinau Municipal Council was deliberately established by representatives of the Communist Party and the Christian Democratic Popular Party.

"The objective of the leftists, who are CMC members is to turn the Chisinau Municipal Council sittings in pre-election shows, but not to work for the benefit of the Chisinau citizens, in order to say afterwards that the Mayor did not approve decisions and was not willing to solve the municipality's problems", Ciobanu said.

He stressed that due to the election ambitions of the Communists and the Christian Democrats, this year the schools risk to be deprived of repair and the municipal hospitals - of renovated equipment and necessary medicaments.

"The sitting agenda includes items, which have failed to be solved for two months and it impedes the normal work both of the citizens and of the municipal institutions. Decisions are taken only on the items, which are interesting for leftist councilors, but items, connected with the municipal problems are not considered, municipal councilor from the LPM faction Tatiana Butium considers.

She said that representatives of the Communist Party and the Christian Democratic Popular Party (CDPP) boycott deliberately CMC sittings in order to evade the solution of the municipality's problems and shift them off onto the oppositional factions' shoulders.

The Liberal faction considers that an extraordinary CMC sitting will be convened immediately after the early parliamentary elections, which will take place on July 29, where LPM representatives will insist on the approval of allocations for the repair and on investments for some municipal departments.

The last CMC sitting took place on July 14, after this date the Chisinau Municipal Council have not taken a single decision on items, included into the agenda of its sittings.