IDOM dissatisfied with voter list qualiy

The Institute for Human Rights in Moldova (IDOM) is currently checking and verifying voter lists in 33 populated areas of Moldova, and is saying the lists' accuracy leaves much to be desired.
INFOTAG, 24 July 2009, 18:37

Chisinau, July 24 ( INFOTAG ). Project Coordinator Vlad Lupan said at a news conference in Infotag today the monitoring involves 61 IDOM observers, including 12 working in Chisinau.

"Our observers decided to check people born before 1940. To this end, they contacted 30 addresses and found out that 10 of the said 30 voters died yet 4-5 years ago. These figures pertain to 5-of-293 polling stations in Chisinau", Lupan said.

He stressed that at 9 stations the observers revealed 1,854 persons with expired residence permits [propiska]. Many of the persons are university graduates who have quitted the city, or people whose current whereabouts are impossible to establish.

"We are also concerned that the number of voters on the lists we have checked is substantially higher than last April 5, when they totaled 660.6 thousand in the said 33 populated areas. Now the figure has grown by 66 thousand. No such growth was marked in localities where voter lists were drawn up from the zero. Moreover, the number of voters there has diminished", he said.

The IDOM observers are saying that in 14-of-33 populated areas in question local administrations had not verified voter registers because too little time was given for this huge work. As for the database of the Ministry of Informational Development, "it is fairly problematic, which only adds to our doubts concerning the quality of voter lists to be used next Wednesday", Lupan said.

He spoke out for introducing, without delay, an electronic voter register. A corresponding document to this effect has already been prepared within the project "Support for Moldova" financed by the European Union and the UNDP.