PDM warns electoral irresponsibility can degenerate into civil war

The Democratic Party (PDM) says that Moldova has witnessed the longest, dirtiest and harshest electoral campaign and the irresponsibility of certain politicians can degenerate into a real civil war that would endanger Moldova’s statehood.
Info-Prim Neo, 27 July 2009, 18:43

2009-07-27/16:40/ Chisinau (IPN) At a news conference where the PDM closed it electoral campaign, the party headed by Marian Lupu presented seven destructive factors.

Andrei Popov, the candidate who is under No. 4 in the PDM’s electoral list, considers that the electoral campaign took a wrong course from the very beginning, when the competitors focused on the April 7 events, instead of centering on the serious problems faced by the country.

“The use of images of persons beaten and killed during the Aril 7 events in advertisements is a moral crime,” Andrei Popov said.

“The April events diminished the political trust and transformed the adversaries into irreconcilable political enemies, while the electoral fight cane degenerate into a true civil war,” said Valeriu Lazar, the second candidate on the PDM’s list.

According to the PDM, the electoral confrontation in Moldova is a struggle for death or life. There are many victims of the settling of accounts or even deaths. “Young people died. Torture is used and many lies are employed.

“The PCRM continues to use administrative resources to attract voters. Some of the parties use different tricks to mislead the voters. A relevant example is the electoral ad where Voronin and Lupu call on the population to vote for the PCRM and PDM. It is a fake. We have nothing in common with the PCRM,” Lazar said.

At the same time, the PDM considers that the xenophobic rhetoric has reappeared suddenly. The people are divided into “ours” and “the others”. They are threatened and discriminated according to ethnic criteria.

The members of th e party call upon the population to exercise their right to vote and choose a balanced and competent political force.