AMN: Young people demand that elections be not rigged!

More than 50 members of the Youth Organization of the Moldova Noastra Alliance (AMN) organized an Anti-Fraud March on Monday.
Info-Prim Neo, 27 July 2009, 18:45

2009-07-27/16:48/ Chisinau (IPN) During the march, the young members of the AMN filed applications to the Central Election Commission and several international organizations, demanding that the July 29 elections be monitored correctly.

“We annexed documents to the application, where there are examples of about 6,500 irregularities committed in the April 5 elections,” the president of the Youth Organization of the AMN Sergiu Baltag has told Info-Prim Neo.

The participants said that the march was staged on the own initiative of the young AMN members.

2009-07-27/15:43/ AMN: The shortest electoral campaign was the dirtiest

Chisinau (IPN) The Moldova Noastra Alliance Party (AMN) has said that though the current campaign for the July 29 early elections was short, it was the dirtiest one.

“The Opposition’s rights have been violated. We were not given the possibility of replying in the mass media. Our representatives in districts and villages have been aggressed, while the police destroyed the AMN’s campaign posters,” the party’s leader Serafim Urecheanu said at a news conference on Monday, Info-Prim Neo reports.

According to Urecheanu, during the current electoral campaign the ruling party widely used the administrative resources. “The police, the prosecutor’s office and the Security and Information Service (SIS) have been exploited to the greatest extent possible. By order of Papuc (Gheorghe Papuc, Minister of the Interior – e.n.) and of Reshetnikov (Atur Reshetnikov, the head of the SIS – e.n.), 6,000 police officers engaged in destroying the election posters of the AMN. They also accompanied us to the meetings with voters,” Urecheanu said.

The AMN leader also said that the Communist dignitaries received by 6,500 lei a month for misinforming the population. “The detergents with the expired shelf life that the Communists distributed to voters will not be enough to wash the Communist lies told during eight years.”

Speaking about the covering of the AMN in the mass media during the electoral campaign, the AMN candidate Victor Osipov said that all their observations were included in a monitoring report that will be submitted to the international organizations that have offices in Moldova and to the embassies that will supervise the July 29 elections.

Another AMN candidate Veaceslav Platon, who has recently been a suspect in a case of forging US$2 million, said that the lie is the Communists Party’s motto. “Legal cases were started aga inst 28 of the 41 Opposition MPs. Unfortunately, this is our society and I’m concerned about the future of our children. Moldova needs a change,” Platon said.

On Monday afternoon, the Youth Organization of the AMN will stage an Anti-Vote Rigging March. The young members will go to the Central Election Commission, the European Commission’s Delegation and the Office of the Special Representative of the Secretary General of the Council of Europe. They will also visit the Embassy of the United States and of Russia and the OSCE Head Office.

The young participants will make an appeal, stressing the importance of preventing the rigging of the July 29 elections.