Political parties have spent 16 million

Moldovan political parties have spent a total of 16.09 million lei in the run-up to the July 29 early parliamentary elections, the Central Election Commission has reported.
INFOTAG, 28 July 2009, 17:19

Chisinau, July 28 ( INFOTAG ). According to the financial statements which all runners were submitting to the CEC regularly, the highest investment in the campaign was made by the governing Moldovan Communist Party - 3.8 million lei. The Democratic Party spent 3.7 million lei, the Moldova Noastra Alliance 3 million lei, and the Liberal Democratic Party 2.2 million lei.

During the election campaign period, the CEC passed 281 resolutions, including 42 - concerning various petitions and protests, 64 on accrediting of domestic and international observers as well as of media representatives. Two resolutions failed to be fulfilled.