Final exit poll results

The Public Policy Institute (IPP) made known the final results of the exit polls at 22:15.
Info-Prim Neo, 30 July 2009, 7:07

2009-07-29/22:29/ Chisinau (IPN) Here are the results:

The PCRM – 40.5%
The PLDM – 17.6%
The PL – 16.5%
The PDM – 12.8%
The AMN – 8%
The PPCD – 2.2%
The PSD – 2.1%
The Ecologist Party “Green Alliance”– 0.3%

Only five political parties would thus enter Parliament as they passed the election threshold of 5%. They would have the following number of seats:

The PCRM – 43 seats
The PLDM – 19 seats
The PL – 18 seats
The PDM – 13 seats
The AMN – 8 seats

The exit polls conducted by the IPP covered 200 polling places all over Moldova, except the districts from the left bank of the Nistru. The polls were carried out in partnership with ADEPT, UESP, IMAS Inc. and CBS-AXA with the support of Eurasia Foundation in Moldova , with resources from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency and the United States Agency for International Development. The margin of error is 2%.