Mihai Ghimpu elected Speaker

12.50 Mihai Ghimpu became the new Head of Parliament. He was elected by a majority vote.
Info-Prim Neo, 28 August 2009, 14:23

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12.43 The break is over. The MPs returned to the assembly hall.
12.25 Ion Hadarca announced that the voting procedure will continue for 15 more minutes so that all the MPs could vote. He referred to the Communist MPs, who left the assembly hall earlier.

12.20 The MPs of the Alliance for European Integration have voted.

12.11 The AEI started to elect the Speaker of Parliament. The MPs went out in the hall, where there are the polling booths.

12.10 The proceedings and format of the ballots were approved by a majority vote. Fifty-two MPs are attending.

11.55 Annalist Petru Bogatu has told Info Prim-Neo: "The fact that the Communist MPs left the assembly hall shows that they want to delay things. I think they will try to disput e the legality of the actions taken by the AEI, which continued the sitting after the oldest MP Ivan Calin declared the meeting closed. In fact, the AEI’s acts are legal as the four parties that formed the coalition represent the parliamentary majority. Ivan Calin did not correctly chair the sitting as no proposal was put to the vote, at least that of taking a break until September 4, at the suggestion of the PCRM. Now that the PCRM left the Parliament’s meeting, the election of the head of state could be blocked. Thing will become clearer after the senior state posts are filled.

11.40 Marian Lupu, the PDM leader: "When I was named to this post I also did not have experience. I’m sure that Mihai Ghimpu will do well as he has the necessary abilities. As to the candidates for the other positions, you will find out more information until the end of the day.”

11.39 Mihai Ghimpu to the reporters: “I thank m y colleagues for their trust. I hope that while in this post I will cooperate for a free press, independent legal system, and a state of law of which all the Moldovan citizens will be proud.”

11.15 Vlad Filat: Mihai Ghimpu is the only candidate put forward by the AEI. A break was announced until 12-00.

11.14 The quorum is present. Ion Plesca, of the AMN, announced the numerical make-up of the commission for the election of the Speaker, which is composed of nine persons.

11.11 Ion Hadarca announced the end of the break. The MPs return to the hall.

11.03 Mark Tkachuc, of the PCRM, told the reporters: We will decide inside the party whether to accept or not the AEI’s proposals as regards key state posts. I will obey the decision. We should not force things. They are aware they have not much time at the disposal and are afraid.
11.00 Mihai Ghimpu, the PL leader, commented on the Communists ’ withdrawal: “Good act. It should be for ever!"

10.50 It was proposed constituting the permanent parliamentary commissions. The MPs took a 10-minute break for consultations.

10.48 Vlad Filat informed about the constitution of the parliamentary majority, the AEI, consisting of 53 MPs.

10.46 Vlad Final announced that the sitting will go on even if the PCRM is absent. Ion Hadarca is named chair.

10.44 The PDM and AMN also announced the constitution of the parliamentary groups. Ivan Calin announced a break until September 4. The Communist MPs leave the assembly hall.

10.40 Mihai Ghimpu: Do not oppose because we will elect the head of state anyway.

10.39 Mihai Ghimpu announced the constitution of the parliamentary group of the PL, headed by Mihai Ghimpu.

10.36 Vlad Filat announced the creation of the parliamentary group of the PLDM composed of 18 persons. It will be headed by Vlad Filat. Filat addressed the Communists: Do not try to block the sitting. Otherwise, the Alliance for European Integration will continue the sitting itself.

10.35 Maria Postioco, of PCRM: PCRM asks for a break.

10.34 Ivan Calin: The regulations say that there should be created the parliamentary groups and the commissions first. Who has proposals?

10.32 Leonid Bujor, of the AMN: You break the Parliament’s regulations, which say that the MPs have the right to speak. I ask you to read it attentively.

10.30 Alexandru Tanase, of the PLDM, wants to speak. Ivan Calin demands that the microphone be disconnected, saying that he has this right.

10.20 Ivan Calin: The Parliament is considered legally constituted. I congratulate you. The July 29 elections were fair and democratic, as confirmed by the Constitutional Court.

10.15 Dumitru Pulbere, the president of the Constitutional Court: On July 14, the Constitut ional Court validated the elections. After examining the report by the Central Election Commission, it established that the elections were held in accordance with the international principles, without incidents that could affect the people’s right to vote. The statements that the elections were partly free and incorrect were refuted by the CIS observers in their report.

10.10 Vlad Filat, the PLDM leader specified: We should remember how we acted the previous time. The administration of the legislature must be elected at the first sitting. You should put the issue to the vote and not delay the procedure.

10.08 Ivan Calin, the oldest MP, a member of the PCRM: I cannot put the agenda to the vote as the bodies of the Parliament have not been created.

10.08 MP Vitalie Nagacevschi, of the PLDM: We consider that the Parliament should vote on the agenda. I suggest several amendments.

10.00 The first meeting of the new Parliament started. All the 101 MPs are attending. Representatives of embassies are also present. The oldest MP Ivan Calin announced the agenda.

The first sitting of the new Parliament started today at the Palace of the Republic at 10.00. Under the regulation, the first sitting is chaired by the oldest MP. As the previous time, this is Ivan Calin. He is 74 and entered the Parliament on the Communist ticket.

The president of the Constitutional Court Dumitru Pulbere will presents a report on the validation of the outcome of the July 29 parliamentary elections.

According to the legislation, the parliamentary groups must be formed within ten days of the first sitting. The nominal lists of the members of these groups must be presented within the same period. The MPs are to elect the Speaker and the head of the Standing Bureau. The way in which the posts will be distributed is not officially known yet.

Five political parties entered the Parliament: PCRM (48 seats), PLDM (18 seats), PL (15 seats), PDM (13 seats) and AMN (7 seats).

The PLDM, PL, PDM and AMN announced the formation of the government coalition “Alliance for European Integration”. They hold together 53 seats of MP. The PCRM turned town the Alliance’s invitation to a dialogue, invoking that the coalition does not have a legal status.
Under the Constitution, if the Parliament does not elect the head of state (by 61 votes), the outgoing president dissolves the legislature and sets the date of early legislative elections. The head of state is to be elected within two months.