Friends and admirers remember late Nicolae Sulac on day when he would have turned 73

The departed Nicolae Sulac would have reached 73 today. This morning, friends, colleagues, people of culture and politicians laid flowers to the artist’s grave located at the Central Cemetery on Armeneasca Street in Chisinau.
Info-Prim Neo, 9 September 2009, 15:50

2009-09-09/14:04/ Chisinau (IPN) “I have vivid memories of my farther and remember all his pieces of advice,” said Doina, the eldest daughter of Nicolae Sulac, who came to the cemetery together with her daughter Nicoleta.

Conductor Nicolae Botgros, the friend of the late artist, said that “the great Nicolae Sulac is a treasure of our country.” “We must remember him, but not as we usually do. We, the Moldovans, come to the cemetery only on the day when somebody is buried or on one’s birthday and start to complain and tell our troubles. We forget that many things for Nicolae Sulac have not been done and are not done. I cannot say why,” said the conductor of the folk music orchest ra “Lautarii” (“Fiddlers”).

Botgros expressed his regret at the fact that none of the high-ranking officials donated money to make the commemorative stone that was placed on the artist’s grave. “Neither the governors, nor those who say they have loved Sulac and who are now well-off proposed doing something for Nicolae Sulac. Many things will be said today at his grave, but they will be forgotten quickly,” the conductor said.

“Nicolae Sulac was my ideal. All the people loved and praised him. We will remember him as a great man, a people’s rhapsodist and a person who brought joy and light in all the homes,” said Vasile Mardare, the administrator of “Lautarii”.

The MP of the Moldova Noastra Alliance Leoni Bujor said that “there is no other folk singer that could compare with Nicolae Sulac”. “He was a unique talent. He loved this piece of land. It is a real satis faction for me to listen to Nicolae Sulac’s and Doina Sulac’s songs,” he said.

Nicolae Sulac was born in 1936 in Sadac village of Cahul district. He sang about the joys and sorrows of the Moldovan people. He died at the age of 67.