Marian Lupu registered as presidential candidate

He was nominated by 26 deputies of the governing Alliance for European Integration.
INFOTAG, 8 October 2009, 16:17

On Thursday, Democratic Party Chairman MP Marian Lupu has been officially registered as candidate for the presidency of the Republic of Moldova. He was nominated by 26 deputies of the governing Alliance for European Integration.

The day before, the Parliament set a presidential election date for Friday, October 23, and formed an electoral commission of 7. The deadline for submitting applications for registering candidates expires at 2400 hrs on October 17.

By law, president of Moldova must be elected by no later 2 months from the resignation of the previous head of state. Vladimir Voronin resigned on September 11, so by no later November 11 the republic must receive a new leader, and the Parliament is permitted to make 2 attempts to elect president.

Candidates for presidency may only be nominated by groups of parliamentarians numbering minimum 15 persons. The ruling Alliance for European Integration stated from the very beginning that its only candidate would be Democratic Party Chairman Marian Lupu, aged 43. The now opposition Moldovan Communist Party stated, also from the very beginning, it would not have a finger in the election. In such case, the majority Alliance will have to nominate one more candidate, for according to law presidential election must be held on an alternative basis.

To be elected president, a candidate needs the support of two-thirds of the Moldovan Parliament of 101, i.e. minimum 61 ballots. However, the Alliance for European Integration has only 53 MPs, and the Communist faction - 48.

MCP faction leader Maria Postoico is not ruling out that the Communists may vote for Marian Lupu, but only on condition that the AEI parliamentarians support the MCP's demand to dismiss Mihai Ghimpu as Parliament Chairman. For this, 68 votes are needed.

MCP Chairman, ex-president of Moldova Vladimir Voronin stated in parliament yesterday the Communists shall not participate in electing president. This means that after two unhappy electoral attempts Speaker Mihai Ghimpu will have to dissolve the forum and announce the date of an early parliamentary election, which may only take place in 2010.