Marian Lupu remains only candidate for presidential election

Lupu was nominated for the post by the ruling Alliance for European Integration. The deadline to register candidates for the presidential election expired last Friday midnight.
INFOTAG, 9 November 2009, 17:20

Democratic Party leader Marian Lupu is the only candidate registered for the November 10, 2009 presidential election in Moldova, the chairman of the parliamentary commission in charge of organizing the presidential election, Ion Plesca, has told Infotag.

Marian Lupu was also the only candidate registered for the 23 October presidential election which was, however, postponed due to contradictions in legislation, with some laws saying that it was possible to hold an election with only one presidential candidate, while others saying that the election could take place only on an alternative basis. The ruling majority later amended the legislation, so that now it allows holding an election with only one candidate. A candidate can be nominated by a group of at least 15 MPs.

The president is elected with the support of 61 out of 101 deputies. The 53-strong Alliance for European Integration is short of eight votes to elect the president on its own. The opposition Communist Party, led by ex-President Vladimir Voronin, has said it would not participate in the presidential election.

If MPs fail to elect the president in two attempts [the second attempt is due to take place in a month's time, on December 10], parliament speaker and acting president Mihai Ghimpu has the right to disband parliament and call a new parliamentary election. Yet, under the new legislation parliament can be disbanded not earlier than a year after the last decision to dissolve the legislative body was taken, which means after June 16, 2010.