28 November 2021

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20 parties have registered in the current election campaign. Many people say it is a too big number for such a small country as Moldova. At the same time, much more parties could take part in the election campaign.

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Activists launch Moldova’s first ‘Space Camp’ © Susan Coughtrie

SDPM will top list of parties in ballot-papers

The Social Democratic Party of Moldova will be standing above all on the list of parties to be printed in the ballot-papers for the April 5 parliamentary polls.
INFOTAG, 5 February 2009, 18:56

Chisinau, February 5 ( INFOTAG ). At 5pm local time, the Central Election Commission began casting lots of the 7 parties who had managed to submit their lists of candidates today.

Number 2 in the list fell into the hands of the Liberal Party (LP), number 3 - to the Moldova Noastra Alliance (MNA), number 4 - to the Christian Democratic Popular Party (CDPP), number 5 - to the ruling Moldovan Communist Party (MCP), number 6 - the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova (LDPM), and number 7 - the Democratic Party (DP).

1. The SDPM ticket is headed by the party leader, former Moldovan Prime Minister MP Dumitru Braghis. Following next is SDPM Secretary General, Chisinau Municipal Council Chairman Eduard Musuc. The third is Viktor Shelin, a prominent man of business. The 4th is the head of the SDPM Basarabeasca raion organization Nikolai Kendigelean, and the 5th is Chisinau Deputy Mayor Igor Lupulciuc.

2. The Liberal Party ticket is headed by LP Deputy Chairman, Chisinau Mayor Dorin Chirtoaca. The second is Liberal Party Chairman Mihai Ghimpu, the 3rd is LP Deputy Chairman Anatol Salaru, 4th - LP Deputy Chair and leader of the LP women's organization Corina Fusu, a journalist. And the 5th is Vice-President of Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova (ASEM) Vadim Cojocaru, doctor of economics.

3. The Moldova Noastra Alliance ticket features its leader, ex-Mayor of Chisinau MP Serafim Urechean at the top of it. Following next are Chairman of the Moldovan Writers' Union Mihai Cimpoi, MNA First Deputy Chairman MP Veaceslav Untila, MNA Deputy Chairmen Vasile Balan and Iurie Colesnic.

4. The CDPP ticket is headed by the party leader, Deputy Speaker of the Moldovan Parliament Iurie Rosca, followed by party activist Genadie Vaculovschi, incumbent leader of the parliamentary CDPP faction Vlad Cubreacov, member of the Balti Municipal Council Igor Ciuru, and CDPP Deputy Chairman MP Stefan Secareanu.

5. The Communist Party ticket is headed by the party leader, President of the Republic of Moldova Vladimir Voronin, followed by Parliament Chairman Marian Lupu, Prime Minister Zinaida Grechanaya, MP Victor Mandru, and the head of the MCP election headquarters, former Presidential Advisor Mark Tkachuk.

6. The LDPM ticket: Liberal Democratic Party leader MP Vladimir Filat, LDPM First Deputy Chairmen Alexandru Tanase and Mihai Godea, LDPM Liliana Palihovici, and lawyer Vitalie Nagacevschi.

7. The Democratic Party ticket is headed by DP Chairman MP Dumitru Diacov, followed by DP First Deputy Chairman MP Oleg Serebrean, DP Deputy Chairs Oazu Nantoi and Valentina Buliga, ex-President Petru Lucinschi's son Cyril Lucinschi, a man of business. According to the CEC rules, lots are cast every evening and involve the parties and independent candidates that have submitted documents during the given day. If only one applicant submits documents during a day, this party or independent candidates are automatically added to the list under a corresponding number. And, accordingly, no applicants today - no casting tonight.


Chisinau, February 5 ( INFOTAG ). The Moldovan Christian Democrats think the next Parliament of Moldova will consist of the representatives of only 3-4 parties, Parliament Deputy Speaker and CDPP leader Iurie Rosca stated to the press on Thursday.

He reviewed the history of parliamentary elections in Moldova since 1994, which is showing that maximum 4 forces - parties and voting blocs - were strong enough to win seats in the forum at any given polls.

Rosca highlighted a circumstance, which he believes will be essential for the 2009 elections: there will be no voting blocs this time, and this is crucially reducing the chances of many parties to become parliamentary ones.

Iurie Rosca voiced conviction the CDPP "shall achieve the best election result in its history and shall come to Parliament with a considerable number of mandates... I would like to remind to you that the CDPP is the only party which was present in all Parliaments in the independent Republic of Moldova's history".

He substantiated this statement as follows: the CDPP list of candidates is an optimum combination of party activists with 20-year-long experience as well as of the representatives of the CDPP youth and women's organizations. Traditionally, party leader Rosca heads the ticket.


Chisinau, February 5 ( INFOTAG ). The Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova has set itself a goal to win ballots enough for the party to govern the country, its leader MP Vlad Filat stated to journalists while in the Central Election Commission today.

He said the Liberal Democrats are going for the elections "to bring changes to Moldova, prosperity for its citizens, and the country's integration into Europe... We believe in the Moldovan citizens' ability to make a correct choice".

Filat voiced discontent about the pre-election atmosphere in Moldova, pointing out "numerous law violations and abusing of authority by the incumbent rulers... One can say that election results have already been rigged".


Chisinau, February 5 ( INFOTAG ). The parliamentary oppositional Moldova Noastra Alliance is trying to promote to the Moldovan Parliament as many activists from the localities as only possible, MNA leader MP Serafim Urechean stated in his interview to the Jurnal.TV today.

To this end, the MNA leadership has included as many as 74 provincials into the Alliance's list of 103 candidates for Parliament. For the first time ever in Moldova's new history, the provincials constitute an impressively high proportion in the upper half of the ticket, namely 7 among top 20 names, 14 among the first 30 names, and 26 out of the first 50 candidates.

The ticket has 85 men and 18 women, and 17 candidates are persons aged under 30.

Serafim Urechean presumes his team can well repeat its success of the 2007 local elections when, in a coalition with other democratic parties, the Alliance won power in 21 of Moldova's 32 raions. Moreover, Alliance representatives became Raion Council Chairpersons in 14 raions, and another seven Alliance members were elected as Deputy Chairpersons of Raion Councils.

"Maybe my statement may sound too daring to you, but we hope for receiving 52 mandates in the next Moldovan Parliament [of 101]", Urechean said.

According to him, the MNA will be able to form a coalition with other democratic parties after the elections, so the Alliance has already entered into negotiations to this regard.

And, finally, Serafim Urechean confessed the Moldova Noastra Alliance will nominate him for President of the Republic of Moldova after the elections.


Chisinau, February 5 ( INFOTAG ). Vasile Panfil, Director of the Chisinau municipal Department of Capital Construction, has announced his quitting the Liberal Party's Political Bureau and his resignation as Chairman of the capital city's Sectorul Centru territorial organization of the Liberal Party. However, he is remaining a LP member.

Panfil told the press today he cannot any further tolerate the dictatorial manner of party governance by LP Chairman Mihai Ghimpu.

"After the Liberal Party had won the [all-republican] local elections in June 2007 and after [his nephew and LP Deputy Chairman] Dorin Chirtoaca was elected Chisinau Mayor, Mihai Ghimpu usurped power in the party and monopolized all governance levers in the Sectorul Centru organization. He ignores all proposals his party comrades make, and oftentimes takes decisions of crucial importance for the party without even asking the LP governing organs' opinion", said Vasile Panfil.

In his words, Ghimpu's dictatorial style, political incompetence and reluctance to agree to whatever compromises have already led to a downfall of the party's weight and respect in the Chisinau Municipal Council [city legislature], and "as for Mayor Dorin Chirtoaca, he has simply degraded to the status of Ghimpu's sword-bearer".

Panfil presumes the Liberal Party has badly prepared for the parliamentary elections and failed to form a mighty team.

"Though the Liberal Party has not yet published its list of parliamentary candidates, I can say that it will contain personalities unknown to the broad public, for they have not done anything essential last several years. For chairman Ghimpu, what really matters is fidelity personally to him, not merits before the party", stated Vasile Panfil.

He has no doubt that a very stiff reaction will follow from the LP leadership in no time, "but I believe it is my moral duty to bring to the public knowledge how policy is shaped in the Liberal Party, and by whom".

Precisely as Panfil said, Mihai Ghimpu's reply followed practically instantly after the statement. The party leader claimed that Vasile Panfil is thus expressing his indignation over the place he was given in the LP ticket - only the 28th.

"He certainly dreamed of standing higher. But he has been LP member for not very long, and, essentially, we don't want some Liberals to begin voting in the Communists' favor in the new Parliament", explained the party leader.


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