28 November 2021

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20 parties have registered in the current election campaign. Many people say it is a too big number for such a small country as Moldova. At the same time, much more parties could take part in the election campaign.

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Activists launch Moldova’s first ‘Space Camp’ © Susan Coughtrie

AMN asks for ousting PCRM from race

Moldova Noastra Alliance (AMN) asks the Central Election Committee (CEC) to disqualify the Communists Party (PCRM) and oust it from the electoral race.
Info-Prim Neo, 10 February 2009, 18:52

2009-02-10/16:22/ Chisinau (IPN) AMN candidate Victor Osipov stated at a news conference on Tuesday that his party tendered the CEC and the Broadcasting Coordinating Council (BCC) a notification in which the party declares itself gravely affected by the unfair conditions and the illegal methods applied by the PCRM and some media, Info-Prim Neo reports.

"As the electoral campaign started, the law has started to be breeched more and more and took a graver shape, and the main generator of breaking the electoral norms is the PCRM, followed by the People's Christian Democratic Party (PPCD)," Osipov said.

On February 7 in the National Palace (run by the Government), not having the status of an electoral competitor, the PCRM staged a big electoral event, at which it launched its platform and list of candidates for the parliamentary elections, AMN finds. "The PCRM has openly, deliberately and defiantly breeched article 47 of the Electoral Code, allowing electioneering only after the candidate is registered by the electoral body." That party filed its papers, but was not registered yet. It had to wait for the CEC's final decision," reads the AMN's notification.

According to Victor Osipov, the AMN recorded a series of violations of the Broadcasting Code by media preferring the ruling party and presented it in positive light, ignoring the opposition's views. "The public company "Teleradio-Moldova", NIT and N4 and other broadcasters violated the Electoral Code, illegally covering the illegal actions of the PCRM," the AMN candidate highlighted, reading from the notification. He added EU TV describing it as being used by the PPCD as party-owned station. Only Pro TV and TV7 ensured the opinion pluralism, the AMN finds.

Victor Osipov has added that, on January 26, AMN's Valeriu Cosarciuc presented the monitoring committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe a compilation of signals about the pre-electoral climate in Moldova. "But the representatives of the red-orange coalition from the parliament determined the monitoring committee not to discuss the Moldovan issue by not going to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe," Osipov stated.

The CEC has not adopted any decision as to the AMN's notification as yet.

2009-02-10/16:46/ PSD considers it will gain at least 15% of ballots

Chisinau (IPN) The Social Democratic Party (PSD) will gain no less than 15% of the votes in the April 5 elections, stated its president Dumitru Braghis at a news conference, Info-Prim Neo reports.

Dumitru Braghis says: "within each constituency we'll send PSD teams to promote the electoral offer of the party. Now the PSD can cover 1800 polling stations of those 1957 to be opened in the country."

According to him, of those 103 candidates on the list, 28 come from Chisinau and 75 from the rest of the country. He mentioned the chairman of the Chisinau Municipal Council (CMC), a Chisinau deputy mayor, two district presidents, four mayors. There are 28 engineers, 26 teachers, 15 economists, 16 lawyers, 11 doctors, 7 agronomists, 2 journalists on the list. "This allows us to maintain that the PSD's list generally matches the society's requirements," Braghis said.

He is confident no party will hold a majority in the next parliament, and the PSD offers the democratic parties to form a coalition, against certain conditions: Moldova not joining military blocs, strategic partnership with the European Union and Russia, crafting an anti-crisis plan. If such a coalition fails, the PSD suggests to form a wider one, after negotiating with separate MPs, not with their factions.

The PSD will support a non-party member for the position of Moldovan president. The PSD does not rule out that it could propose Dumitru Braghis for president, Iurie Bolboceanu - for parliament president, and Eduard Musuc - for premier.

Eduard Musuc is the second on the PSD's list. "The party will decide whether I stay as CMC chairman, or will go to the Parliament, and it's possible for me to take an office in the Government," Musuc said.

The PSD will run with an electoral program titled "Strong Moldova - Strong Economy - Better Life!" It will launch its offer and team on February 15, at 11.00, in the National Palace in Chisinau.

2009-02-10/22:06/ Lib-Dems to sue authorities for not opening polling station abroad at ECHR

Chisinau (IPN) The Liberal Democratic Party from Moldova (PLDM) says it will sue the Moldovan authorities at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) for not opening polling station abroad, save for the ones in diplomatic missions, Info-Prim Neo reports.

The party leader, Vlad Filat, said at news conference on February 10 that "the PLDM will act as a barrister for the Moldovans abroad, for not being created conditions to cast their votes." According to him, the request is to be submitted urgently. "We'll ask for condemning the Moldovan Government. We have the mandate of communities of Moldovans in Ireland, Britain, Spain and Italy."

According to the Lib-Dem leader, even though the ECHR's decision may be pronounced after the elections day, in case it is condemning, "the present rulers will be anyway responsible for not observing the right of hundreds of thousands of citizens outside their state."

" ;Moldova's embassy in Britain can service some 7,000 people a day, as only in London there are some 10,000 Moldovans," said deputy president of the Party Alexandru Tanase. "Those 10-15 thousand Moldovans from Ireland are also sent to vote there, since Moldova does not have a diplomatic mission in Dublin. So, the right of those people to vote cannot be observed even in theory," he said.

The Central Election Commission's statement that the Moldovan legislation does not allow for opening other polling stations but the ones in diplomatic missions is "an erroneous interpretation of the law," said lawyer Vitalie Nagacevschi, a PLDM member. "There is a right to the freedom of elections. The state is bound not to hamper but to ensure their unfolding," he underlined.

"Although they may not be given the right to vote directly, indirectly - through their messages to their relatives here - the citizens will anyway vote against the Communists," Vitalie Nagacevschi said.

The PLDM threatens to organize large protests in Chisinau, unless the Moldovan authorities decide, till February 22, to open more polling stations abroad.

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