28 November 2021

Gheorghe Russu

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20 parties have registered in the current election campaign. Many people say it is a too big number for such a small country as Moldova. At the same time, much more parties could take part in the election campaign.

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Activists launch Moldova’s first ‘Space Camp’ © Susan Coughtrie

Democrats accuse communists of waging electoral advertising on public means

The Democratic Party (DP) has filed with the Central Election Commission an inquiry, claiming that the ruling Moldovan Communist Party (MCP) is running its electoral advertising on public means.
INFOTAG, 16 February 2009, 18:38

Chisinau, February 16 ( INFOTAG ). The Democrats described the latest example of such electioneering as follows. On the eve of the St. Valentine's Day, the MCP youth organization - the Communist Youth Union - was distributing congratulatory leaflets saying that the organization, together with rock groups ExNN, Delfin and Zdob si Zdub and singer Laurentiu Duta, would organize a concert in the Chisinau's central square.

"The leaflets contained a veiled call to vote for the Communist Party: they featured the picture of a girl wearing a T-shirt with an inscription "I vote for letter "E"" [standing 5th in the Latin alphabet, like the Communist Party is standing 5th in the 2009 ballot-papers]. The appeal was designed in the form of sickle and hammer - the Communist Party's symbol", the DP inquiry said.

The Democratic Party leadership drew the CEC's attention that the MCP leaflets did not contain any information about printing house, publishing order number, circulation figure, which is a compulsory condition stipulated in the Electoral Code. The DP claimed that for such law violations, the Communist Party ought to be expelled from the election race.

The Democrats also wrote that yet in January the Teleradio-Moldova public company received from the Chisinau City Hall a permission to hold a concert in the central square on February 13 and 14 on the occasion of the St. Valentine's Day, but the Communists used the concert for their electoral propaganda.

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