28 September 2021

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20 parties have registered in the current election campaign. Many people say it is a too big number for such a small country as Moldova. At the same time, much more parties could take part in the election campaign.

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30 candidates for MPs included in Black List

The Civic Initiative for a Clean Parliament presented a Black List of candidates for MP without integrity. The list contains 30 candidates.
Info-Prim Neo, 19 November 2010, 17:40

Twenty-two of them are on the electoral list of the Communists Party. The Liberal Democratic Party has only three representatives on the Black List, the Democratic Party and the Liberal Party - by two, while the Moldova Noastra Alliance - only one representative, Info-Prim Neo reports.

In a news conference on Friday, the head of the Independent Press Association Petru Macovei said the criteria used to select the candidates included: the use of administrative resources for personal or party interests; the use of the position for personal or family interests; protectionism; influence peddling; improper administration; unpaid taxes/fines; political migration; unjustified property and incomes.

The parties and the number of monitored candidates were decided according to their chances of entering Parliament, as predicted in the last opinion polls and depending on their results in the previous legislative elections.

Alexandru Oleinic is the AMN's candidate on the Black List, Vladimir Hotineanu, Simion Furdui and Ion Butmalai - are the PLDM's representatives, Mihail Moldovanu and Stefan Uratu are the PL's representatives, while Dumitru Diacov and Petru Axent are the PD's representatives.

The PCRM's candidates on the list are: Zinaida Greceanyi, Iurie Muntean, Maria Postoiko, Marc Tkachuk, Igor Dodon, Vadim Misin, Vladimir Vitiuc, Anatolie Zagorodnyi, Violeta Ivanov, Vasilii Sova, Oxana Domenti, Zinaida Chistruga, Miron Gagauz, Vasilii Panciuc, Alexandr Bannikov, Oleg Reidman, Eduard Musuc, Artur Reshetnikov, Gheorghe Popa, Petru Porcescu, Anatolie Popusoi, and Vasile Iovv.

The head of the Journalistic Investigations Center Cornelia Cozonac said that in order not to diminish people's confidence in the political parties and encourage the parties to remove the discredited persons from the lists, the Civic Initiative for a Clean Parliament decided not to include the party leaders in the Black List. She added that four of the five monitored leaders would be written in the list, but did not give names.

The Black List was sent to the parties so that they examine the persons who are incompatible with the post of MP. "The parties have not yet reacted," said Cornelia Cozonac.

Igor Botan, director of the Association for Participative Democracy (ADEPT), said the list was compiled with the aim of making the parties to take steps. "Each of us, including those who govern, admit that we have corruption in Moldova and that the administrative capacity is at a rather low level. It is thus normal to try to identify the causes and help the administration and the people to solve the encountered problems," said Igor Botan.

This is the third "Know Your Candidate!" campaign. The brochure "Know Your Candidate!" was printed in 200,000 copies that will be distributed throughout Moldova.

The Civic Initiative for a Clean Parliament was launched in November 2008 by seven nongovernmental organizations, counting the Association for Participative Democracy (ADEPT), the Independent Press Association, the Center for the Analysis and Prevention of Corruption, the Independent Journalism Center, the Journalistic Investigations Center, the Center for Promotion of the Freedom of Expression and Access to Information "Acces-info", and Soros Foundation Moldova.

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