28 November 2021

Gheorghe Russu

Vice-director, The Center for Combating Economic Crimes and Corruption

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20 parties have registered in the current election campaign. Many people say it is a too big number for such a small country as Moldova. At the same time, much more parties could take part in the election campaign.

Last week illustrated

Activists launch Moldova’s first ‘Space Camp’ © Susan Coughtrie

Medvedev, Voronin and Smirnov sign joint statement

The announcement has been made by Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov.
Info-Prim, 18 March 2009, 19:20

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin and Tiraspol administration leader Igor Smirnov have ended their talks in Moscow by inking a joint statement. The announcement has been made by Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov.

According to Lavrov, the statement "expresses the satisfaction related to the sides' intention to settle the conflict by peaceful means." "The parties have agreed to continue their efforts to solve the problem, to step up the work of the working groups, and to resume the work in the 5+2 format," Lavrov said.

Russia, Moldova and Transnistria, the minister said, agreed to transform the peace-keeping forces in the conflict area into a new operation under the OSCE's aegis.

Now the peace and stability in the security zone are kept by peace-keeping forces, consisting from troops of Russia (335 military), of Moldova (453 military), Transnistria (490 military) and a group of military observers from Ukraine (10 officers.) The peace keepers were brought in after the military conflict in Transnistria of the spring and summer of 1992.


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