8 December 2021

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20 parties have registered in the current election campaign. Many people say it is a too big number for such a small country as Moldova. At the same time, much more parties could take part in the election campaign.

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Education Ministry is not closing down schools, but is converting them into culture centers, Minister says

Minister of Education Mihai Sleahtitchi has confirmed that the number of schools in Moldova will be reduced by 229 in the next academic year to start on September 1, "but these objects will be converted into culture centers".
INFOTAG, 30 June 2011, 11:04

The minister hosted a news conference today, at which he said that in 2010 the ongoing 'school optimization reform' was successfully carried out in two pilot raions.

"This year, we are supposed to do the same work at 229 schools in the raions of Stefan Voda, Cantemir, Leova, Criuleni, Nisporeni, Glodeni, Anenii Noi as well as in the cities of Chisinau and Balti. The optimization will cover schools having few pupils and those with bad conditions for studying", said Mihai Sleahtitchi.

In his words, in 2012 the reform will cover another 82 schools, and in 2013 - about 75. Their pupils will be provided with school buses to be purchased by the Ministry of Education, and they will be bringing the children to larger schools in nearby villages or towns. There, the pupils will be provided with better conditions for studying and with certified teachers. Teachers from the closed schools concerned can apply for jobs to the said bigger schools and go for lessons together with their pupils by the school buses.

As for the former schools, they will be converted into cultural facilities and inter alia will be open for their former students for attending various out-of-school activities such as drawing, dancing, music, arts etc., which will ensure jobs to a part of their former teachers. Such cultural centers will be on the balance of local primarias [local executive authorities].

"I am addressing the public, particularly the teacher corps, and am warning them against yielding to the manipulations and statements made by Acting President Marian Lupu, who is saying that teachers are going to be fired and their schools will be closed down. This is not true. Not a single teacher will lose job. The Ministry of Education is only going to reduce the 24 thousand vacancies existing presently in the education sector", said the minister.

Mihai Sleahtitchi believes that at the instigation of Marian Lupu's, the reforms launched in the education sector started coming across resistance offered by some members of the governing Alliance for European Integration.

"The Democratic Party Chairman is ignoring the plan and memorandum, which the Republic of Moldova has signed with the International Monetary Fund. Lupu must have forgotten that the negotiation on the plan and memorandum were conducted inter alia by his party comrade, Deputy Premier and Minister of Economy Valeriu Lazar. By delivering a blow on the Government's education reform Mr. Lupu is simultaneously making a blow on the IMF memorandum and on Valeriu Lazar. It's a pity he interprets the document so", said Minister Sleahtitchi.

In his words, the Ministry of Education's budget has been increased to 15 billion lei. In 2011, salaries for teachers will be raised twice - by 15% each time. For comparison: last 2 years, their salaries had gone up by only 24%.

Marian Lupu accused the Filat Government of preparing mass-scale dismissals of teachers. Also, the opposition Communist Party stated earlier that for the sake of Budget saving, the Government was going to close down nearly 500 schools, to dismiss 4.6 thousand teachers and other 2.4 thousand education sector employees.

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