1 December 2021

Gheorghe Russu

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20 parties have registered in the current election campaign. Many people say it is a too big number for such a small country as Moldova. At the same time, much more parties could take part in the election campaign.

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Activists launch Moldova’s first ‘Space Camp’ © Susan Coughtrie

Local authorities are again empowered to issue trading licenses

Local authorities have been again authorized to issue trading licenses. Respective amendments to the law on domestic trading were approved by the Parliament at the 1st reading on Thursday.
INFOTAG, 22 July 2011, 11:25

The Deputy Chair of the parliamentary Standing Committee for Economic Policy, Budget and Finance, Vadim Cojocaru, said at the Parliamentary meeting that "last year, local administrations were deprived of this right".

"On September 23, 2010, the Parliament adopted the law on domestic trading and local authorities of cities and villages were deprived of the right to issue authorizations for this type of activities to economic agents and sellers", the deputy chair said, adding that then he made a mistake due to which powers of local authorities were reduced.

According to Cojocaru, "due to the law, business entities were forced to go to raion centers to obtain authorizations".

"Expenses and work amount of local administrations considerably increased due to the law 2010. Besides, authorities started rarely cooperate with the private sector, though thanks to this-type partnership projects of every sort are implemented in villages and cities. Local administrations were disappointed with authorities that on the one hand promise decentralization and on the other hand concentrate everything in the center", one of amendment authors, MP of the Liberal Democratic Party of Moldova Veaceslav Ionita said.

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