28 November 2021

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20 parties have registered in the current election campaign. Many people say it is a too big number for such a small country as Moldova. At the same time, much more parties could take part in the election campaign.

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Opposition parties insisting on holding new elections

The three opposition parties in the Moldovan Parliament have once again confirmed they are not going to participate in electing a new Moldovan president in parliament on Wednesday.
INFOTAG, 19 May 2009, 16:41

Chisinau, Mai 19 ( INFOTAG ). This essential topic was discussed in a live program, broadcast on the ProTV-Chisinau channel on Monday night, with participation of the Deputy Chairmen of the said three organizations - Dorin Chirtoaca of the Liberal Party, Alexandru Tanase of the Liberal Democratic Party, and Veaceslav Untila of the Moldova Noastra Alliance.

Chisinau Mayor Dorin Chirtoaca stated, in particular, "The opposition just cannot participate in this election because the incumbent Parliament is illegitimate: it was formed as a product of law violation and election rigging".

Asked by the program host if there are whatever negotiations concerning the opposition's participation in the May 20 election, Veaceslav Untila said, "There are no contacts whatsoever. Nobody is trying to organize a dialog. Instead of discussing this question with oppositional factions, the Communists are trying covertly to bribe or blackmail individual deputies. This is an unacceptable method of dealing with the opposition. We shall demonstrate our solidarity and dignity, shall boycott voting next Wednesday, and shall thus ensure a new parliamentary election".

MP Alexandru Tanase reminded the viewers about what President Voronin had stated yet on the post-election night - that the winner Communist Party would be negotiating not with opposition factions as a whole, but with their individual deputies.

"That statement became one of the reasons that stirred up actions of protest in Chisinau [on April 6-7] because the head of state made it absolutely clear that the authorities would be trying to bribe some deputies", Tanase said.

The LDPM and MNA Deputy Chairmen said the Communists are not even trying to enter into a contact with either faction leaders or faction members. However, Liberal Chirtoaca stated there had been such attempts.

"For example, certain people tried to persuade MP Vadim Vacarciuc [outstanding Moldovan weightlifter, 1997 world champion, 2002 European champion etc., elected to Parliament on the LP ticket] and several more Liberal deputies to vote for president. All this is useless. This time, the parliamentary opposition is standing up as a united force, and we shall get what we want - an early parliamentary election", stated Dorin Chirtoaca.

Touching on presidential candidates, Alexandru Tanase wondered how come a very respectable man, an academician, prominent Moldovan neurosurgeon agreed to his nomination as a Communist candidate for presidency.

"Anyhow, candidatures don't matter now. What really matters is that the opposition cannot take part in the election after what happened on April 7 and later. This is not a matter of politics. This is a matter of morality. Moldova now has a different opposition that is able to prove it has honor and dignity", stated Alexandru Tanase.

Chirtoaca agreed, saying that the opposition just has no moral right to preserve the present-day situation, in which "Moldova will finally degrade, will roll back into the past, and the population's active part will be doing everything to quit their native country for good".

The opposition deputies said they would be seeking the observance of the following 3 conditions in the run-up to a new, early parliamentary election: provision of a fair access to the mass media, first and foremost to the public television; checking of voter lists that must not be drawn up by the Ministry of Informational Development; provision of voting possibilities for the hundreds of thousand Moldovan gastarbeiters and students staying abroad.

These conditions must be ensured by effort of international organizations and through uniting the Moldovan opposition's efforts, they said.

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