28 November 2021

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20 parties have registered in the current election campaign. Many people say it is a too big number for such a small country as Moldova. At the same time, much more parties could take part in the election campaign.

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Activists launch Moldova’s first ‘Space Camp’ © Susan Coughtrie

Vladimir Voronin blames opposition

Moldovan acting President Vladimir Voronin has blamed the parliamentary opposition for the dissolution of parliament elected on April 5 and for the need to call a snap election.
INFOTAG, 16 June 2009, 17:40

Chisinau, June 16 ( INFOTAG ). Voronin made statements to this effect in a pre-recorded interview broadcast by the Moldova One TV public channel on Monday evening, shortly after he signed the decree on parliament dissolution.

In his address, Voronin said that over the last few months "the Republic of Moldova, its society, economy and social life have plunged into a dangerous state of instability".

He expressed concern that "many of our common achievements: confidence in the day to come, European modernization and interethnic peace, could be lost for good".

"It seems that the country is again entering a period of uncertainty, when the destroying force of irresponsibility and arbitrariness will dominate like before 2001... We all have seen how vulnerable our country can be when, even if for several hours only, its life develops under the scenarios of those politicians and those forces that are unable to lose in a honest and democratic competition. We felt how vulnerable the personal security of our citizens can become when one is trying to understand the notion of democracy in the most primitive way as the right to betray one's Fatherland, the right to liquidate the independence and the right to violence," Voronin said.

"More than two months have passed since the day when the defeated parties brought serious accusations against our democracy, accusations of falsifying your will expressed during the parliamentary election [on 5 April]. But this time was not sufficient for them to unveil at least one more or less conclusive argument backing such vile accusations. Nobody has seen these arguments, either you, dear compatriots, or international observers", Voronin went on.

The president again accused the opposition of organizing the April 7 riots.

"We can say with full certainty that in all these actions the leaders of the opposition parties were guided by anything you wish, but in no way by the interests of their voters, who, most probably, on April 5 did not cast their ballots for acts of vandalism in the center of the capital or for an artificial political and economic crisis," Voronin said.

"The destructive logic of those who inspired the tragic events of April 7 clearly displayed itself last weeks, when the leaders of the opposition factions rejected all the authorities' efforts and proposals to find an acceptable and dignified compromise. The entire country realized that the people naming themselves as opposition are not striving for their parliamentary victory or the assertion of some principles or ideas, but for destabilization, chaos and for the economic and political defeat of the Republic of Moldova", Voronin stressed.

"They did not take advantage of the chance to meet the interests of all Moldovan citizens, the interests of their own voters, they rejected the hand lend by the power and refused to participate in the voting of a new candidate for president. They used your votes and their parliamentary mandates for one purpose only: to paralyze the power in the country at any cost and to maintain and escalate tension in society, to exclude any possibility of reaching a national consensus. These very actions led our country towards a snap parliamentary election", the acting president said.

Voronin underlined that "the country is again embarking on the path of electoral campaign", saying that "the atmosphere ahead of the new election is now much worse than it was ahead of the April 5 election".

He called on participants in the election campaign "to show sang froid and attachment to democratic principles".

"Precisely now all participants in the electoral campaign should understand one simple idea - that the Republic of Moldova could be independent only if it remains a democratic country and restores political stability", Voronin said.

He called on all electoral contenders, the Communist Party including, to think "how they should behave in case of a possible defeat and how to continue the struggle for the interests of their voters while being in opposition".

"At the future election, the authorities will do their best so that the electoral process meets, even to a greater extent, the norms and principles as regards the free expression of the will. We are open for the most exigent international observers [to monitor the election] and we will do our best so that every vote cast for any party were the result of a conscious choice of our citizens rather than the result of some administrative pressure or of corruption by electoral contenders. This is a duty of ours", Voronin added.

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