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20 parties have registered in the current election campaign. Many people say it is a too big number for such a small country as Moldova. At the same time, much more parties could take part in the election campaign.

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Marian Lupu does not know, what are his relations with Voronin

Marian Lupu does not know, what are his relations with Moldovan President Vladimir Voronin, Leader of the Communist Party, from which ranks Lupu withdrew on July 10.
INFOTAG, 17 June 2009, 19:28

Chisinau, June 17 ( INFOTAG ). Lupu said at a news conference that he has not spoken with Vladimir Voronin for a long time.

"We had not spoken long time before my withdrawal from the Communist Party and after this. Before my withdrawal we did not speak, because I could not accept some measures and tasks and we did not speak after my withdrawal, because there was a certain tension", Lupu explained.

When asked, what he made with his Communist Party membership card, Lupu said that the situation was solved by itself.

"My party card and other documents were in my office in the Parliament. In the course of the events of April 7, they were either stolen or burnt", Lupu added.

In his words, the DPM, whose member he became, will offer its candidates for three highest state posts - President, Speaker and Prime Minister.

"On the whole the DP puts the task to become a centrist flexible party, which must suppress fluctuations on the left and on the right", Lupu underlined.

He said that the DP will cooperate with other centrist parties. The fact that their representatives are not included into the DPM electoral slate does not mean that there are no other methods to support each other", he remarked.


Chisinau, June 17 ( INFOTAG ). Parliament Ex-Speaker will not only head the Democratic Party's Electoral slate at the upcoming early parliamentary elections, but he will also become its Chairman. DPM Leader Dumitru Diacov made such statement on Wednesday at a news conference, where it was officially announced that Marian Lupu joined this Party after he withdrew from the Communist Party.

Dumitru Diacov said that in the near time the extraordinary congress of the DPM will be held, where Lupu will be elected Chairman of the Democratic Party.

"We would like that the DPM would become a new, renovated party, which would be able to offer an alternative to the voters. I do not depart from political life , but I think that that after 13 years of my leadership in this entity the time came to give this chance to younger generations. Marian Lupu came with a very good team, which together with him will turn our entity into a party, which will be able to considerably facilitate the development of Moldova", Diacov said.

He added that the DPM electoral slate for the early parliamentary elections on July 29, where he himself occupies the sixth place, is a result of a compromise.

"We have discussed this long time, it seemed that we shall not find a common decision, but we succeeded and this morning this slate was unanimously approved by everybody, Democratic Party Leader Dumitru Diacov underlined.

He also stressed that in the near time the DMP will begin its electoral campaign, which will be a unique and original one.

"I have already said and repeat that we would not launch our electoral campaign, if we had known that we had had no chance to pass to the Parliament. It is early to speak about the percentage, everything will be clear on July 29", Diacov remarked.

Today former Moldovan Ambassador to Germany Igor Corman was elected the DPM Vice-Chairman and the ex-Minister of Economy Valeriu Lazar - its Secretary General.


Chisinau, June 17 ( INFOTAG ). It is new for Moldova, when a Party Leader, in this case Dumitru Diacov, abdicates from its post of the Democratic Party Chairman, in order to cede this post to the new generation, former member of the Communist Party Marian Lupu said at a news conference on Wednesday.

Marian Lupu said that Dumitru Diacov manifested his political maturity by this gesture.

"I discussed my probable membership with representatives of several parties, which were not only the left-of center parties. I will not give their names, because such was agreement between us. I decided to join the Democratic Party, as the principles of this party are very close to my own principles. I and my team came not for the purpose to replace the already existing team of the party, which is very strong, but to make the Democratic Party of Moldova a new and strong party", Marian Lupu said.

He added that his statement of June 10, 2009 was understood most clearly by the Democratic Party of Moldova.

"It was natural to enter the left-of-center wing, as such were my principles, I promoted the same viewpoints in the Communist Party. I decided to withdraw from the Communist Party, because at certain moment my views did not find their place there any longer", Marian Lupu said.

Lupu said that he does not want the society to be split, and for this reason the Democratic Party of Moldova will make proposals on uniting the electorate.

"I do not wish that the electoral campaign for the elections on June 29 will be based on the events of April 6-7. Everybody reproach each other, but nobody provides proofs, but these accusations are very serious.

The data, we have about these events is a white spot", Lupu said.

He denied the fact that his withdrawal from the Communist Party is a speculation of the ruling party.

"It was my well-thought-over decision. This "Marian Lupu-Dumitru Diacov" project is not someone's satellite and nobody influences us. Each of 50 persons, who came with me, decided independently how to behave. I did not discuss anything with Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration Andrei Stratan and I have no idea, what he is going to do', Lupu said.

When asked, whether other members of the Communist Party would withdraw from this Party, Lupu said that it is unknown to him.

"The situation in this party is such that many business people are afraid", Moldovan Parliament ex-Speaker Marian Lupu concluded.

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